02 Hundred Hours - First Expansion Received

  • From this image on the website I think we can take it as read that the WGA Male Partisans are the plastics referred to. I doubt the females are far enough in production to make this release, but you never know.

  • Yup just the male plastics.  Shame they couldn't get a sprue of the males and a sprue of the females in there.  

  • Ehh. I expect there's no game difference between troops of any gender anyway. My guess is we're at least 6 months away from the plastic ladies.

    At which point it gives GFN an excuse to put out a second partisan kit, I guess.

  • Wargames Illustrated Issue 422 February 2023:

    Has a nice article on the new 02 Hundred Hours Partisan Resistance Cell.  





  • If you combine the main box set:

    With the new Partisan expansion:

    You can build a pretty cool 500 point Bolt Action Army:


  • Nicely painted up German Sentries and beautiful photography on the forum here:



  • Received the "Partisan Expansion" and some other goodies from Gray For Now Games in the mail.

    The "unboxing":

    The cards:

    The metal Partisans:


  • Also picked up the new Jedburgh team:


  • Other goodies picked up this time around included the 02 Hundred Hours objectives and casualties:

    As well as the 02 Hundred Hours "Sleepy Sentry":

  • Group shot:

    These all scale pretty well.

    One of the casualties is a bit short.  (And the long tunic makes him look even shorter).  Did we just murder munchkin?

  • Can anyone explain to me what uniform the plastic SAS figures are sculpted in?
    Almost every mini I see painted are done in camo, so I assumed its a Denison smock, in line with late war SAS practice.
    But whats sculpted is not a Denison. The sculpted garment has buttons, a front split, no monkey tail.
    What is it?

  • @Sean Tighe 

    Possibly field modified Denisons.

    Cutting off the tail was common.  Installing a full zipper and even knit cuffs far less common but not undone.  Usually this was Officers but I'm sure the SAS felt pretty special.  

    From this excellent book:

    "Uniforms Of The WWII Tommy" by David B. Gordon.

    On the other hand there should still be snaps on the front and on the back for the monkey tail (2nd pattern smocks).

    Also a  full zip doesn't explain the split front with buttons.


    Perhaps they are supposed to be wearing windproof suit tops.

    (Again from Gordon's book).



    They should have a visible hood and be modeled thinner/drappier.  Also the windproof suit doesn't have a split button front either.

    So sadly I think we are just looking at bad research for the minis.

    Sidenote: The above cover really shows how shallow the WGA SAS ammo pouches are compared to the real thing.  I wonder if that was poor research or just a shortcoming inherent to an injection molded sprue?


  • Some of the SAS torsos kind of look like they are wearing leather jerkins... But those shouldn't have pockets.

  • My point exactly.
    Nothing in the British Army clothing inventory really matches what these minis are modelled as wearing.
    Its not the first time WA have made a charicature of historical uniforms.
    The Lehr are famously modelled wearing the wrong jacket.
    The recent '82nd Airborne' stls are poor too. Aside from the poor job they did on the uniforms, the 82nd did not wear the mowhawk hair cuts. That was a handful of guys in the 101st Pathfinders. Yet see how many of the provided heads for the '82nd' have mohawks. Its a waste. I know the guys had a reasonable brief for the M42 jump uniform and equipment, it seems it was ignored or 'artistic licence' got the better of the sculptor. And how big are those M1A1 carbines?

  • Good choice of reference material though JTam. They are all on my shelves too.
    From my reenacting days I own much of this kit, either original or repro.
    In fact, I got into reenacting after buying kit as reference for modelling. It got so I had so much that little extra was needed to complete a valid impression.

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