Late Roman Army Builder

  • Anyone have an idea what the Late Roman Army Builder will be made of? Will it be more Legionaires or will it be the limitanei? I cant find any minis for the limitanei so I kind of hope it will be made up of them. It would make sense too, they were very common in the late roman army and could be considered "bulk" troops. 

  • From what I remember they were going to do 2 Late roman ABs (one armored and one unarmored) and 2 goth ABs (one armored and one unarmored). Given we are talking Frontier troops it would likely be a mix of those in real life.

  • The Roman AB set will be in mail and the Goth one unarmored.

  • @Hudson Adams I stand corrected.


  • @Hudson Adams May I ask what the differences are going to be between standard boxes of figures and Army Builder sets? 

  • @Caratacus Number of bodies and weapon options. ABs should have more bodies with less weapon options and the standard boxes should have more weapon/pose options  with less bodies.

  • @Brian Van De Walker Thanks for clarifying, I'll certainly be interested to see the full extent of these differences when the Army Builder set comes out.

  • @Padric Drahushuk you could certainly mix in Goth figures and/or swap parts with Roman sets to make Limitanei

  • @James Manto as far as the normal sets go im using roman heads on gohic bodies to make archers and then the goths themselves can be used as foederati. 

    I imagine the army builder sets will have similar versatility 

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