Will a dream ever turn to a reality?.

  • I`m posting this here instead of Iron Core, as if we never see the release of Leviathens, I probabally won`t go for it. Which would be a shame as I so much want to convert this when it arrives latter this year. I`ve always loved "ROBOTECH" so I brought their recovery vehicle and other items. Rubicon are releasing this later this year and I`d love to convert it to a Mech repair station for Leviathens towed by a truck. Here`s  the pictures please Wargames Atlantic "Make my day".   

  • A combination of a Leviathen and  this Kit, plus some Panzer Lear conversions, along with welders, lights, etc, and a few tents. It will make for a great scene on any gaming table.. I can get the crane lets hope the other comes along as well. All the best all on the forum. 

  • That would be a cool diorama/terrain piece.

    Maybe one could also use the GW Knight repair terrain piece as a base:

    Sacristan Forgeshrine

    Now I believe the Leviathans are a great deal bigger than a Imperial Knight....   But maybe you can inbiggify it while you deskullify it.  


    The Rubicon crane you posted might do nicely to increase the height.  (Although an 1/56 crane like that is probably going to be smaller than one might think)

    I remember the Robotech service dioramas from back in the day.  They were really cool.

    There's probably 1/48 flight line kits floating around that would be useful.


    The use of Panzer Lehr as service personnel is GENIUS.


  • Yeah, it sounds like a great diorama, and the Panzer Lehr were one of the first things that came to my mind when I saw the photos before reading!  The 1/48 aircraft ground crew is a brilliant idea. 

    The little vehicles and carts and such that those kits include ought to be a lot of fun to work with.  I bet you could probably combine them with those "mule" robots from the old Eisenkern command set for some service machines of some sort.

    In fact, now that I think of it, I bet some of the plastic battle-mech figures from the Reaper Bones "CAV:  Strike Operations" would kit-bash with 1/35 tank workshop accessories to build some heavy welding-bots and such.  The CAV mechs are a MUCH smaller scale, making most of them a bit bigger and bulkier than 28mm wargaming figure, while 1/35 tank accessories have a sort of oversized look to them that might look exactly like the sort of thing best suited for heavy machinery to operate by remote control or AI.

    Say, somethin like this, carrying a fuel tank (hydraulic fluid tank, lubricant tank, flame-thrower fuel, whatever) on its chassis instead of the cockpit and missiles?


    Or, something like this with the gun-arms replaced with welding torches and acetaline tanks?


    The great thing about these Reaper Bones figures is that they are cheap (about US $7 a model), the plastic is soft and easy to cut and modify, and the construction is simple (generally not much more than gluing arms, legs, and cockpit onto a torso), and the plastic bonds well with plastic model kit bits and with hard plastic wargaming figure bits, so not much regret on "ruining" the original model by kitbashing it with other bits, and the kitbashing ought to be easy to do!


    For some stuff to "bolt" onto these 'bots:

    Some accessories from an Italeri 1/35 tank shop equipment set, including a compressor of some sort (I think) and some welding gear, not to mention a hoist that ought to work fine for 1/56 figures, and some hand tools that might be a bit big, but might find some creative use in the hand of a robot or a kitbashed exoskeleton of some sort:

    There's also an entire genre of model-building accessories out there for tank ammo (which can probably be fixed to belts of some sort for loading by power-loader into a battlemech to feed its autocannon's ammo addiction):

    Much the same thing goes for 1/72 and 1/48 scale aircraft model missiles:

    I'm betting it wouldn't be too difficult to mix these sorts of bits together in different ways to make all sorts of maintenance and repair equipment!


    In the grimdark future of mech warfare, I kinda imagine portable workshops to salvage these big, heavy, expensive machines probably would arrive with team of specialist mechanics and technicians, supported by swarms of maintenance robots of every imaginable kind....



  • @Yronimos Whateley 


  • I`ve found a modelrailway company called Grangers, that print all scales, so 1/56 th is listed, along with cool train, radiators, engines, trolly lights, jacks, welding equipment, generators,  and all under £5 a set. If you go up to around £25 they do gantrys for S and O guages, that would bulk up the rubicon set should it need it, all I need now is that Leviathen.  

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    You mean that:  https://www.ebay.de/itm/154968008924?hash=item2414d028dc:g:fNAAAOxy3NBSijAF

    Big Price... but on sale...

  • I have built me a few BattleMech-Garage-Diorama with HirtsArts-blocks... 

    Here without mechs... Leviathans does not fit... too big... and actually very dusty... 😇



  • @Frank Reischmann 

    That's awesome! 

    You do amazing work with the HirtsArts.

    I zoomed in to take in the details on your diorama... and see what you were saying about it being very dusty.  Or is that just incredibly realistic weathering? ;)

  • @JTam  

    I had to laugh reading your comment... 😂

    IT IS dust... I wanted to add glass panels to the top and front, but I was lazy... and now it's all covered in dust... now I have to clean and attach the panels... to much work in my life... 😇

    I am currently putting all the models in a plexiglass dome display case to protect them from dust...

    I can recommend the Hirst molds to any ambitious hobby builder... they are very flexible and you can build a lot of things with them... if you don't have time to do 3D printing and modelling...    ;-) 

    Not only for SciFi... =>    https://hirstarts.com/


  • @Frank Reischmann Hi  mate, poped on to have a look, no Leviathens, only a few figures, and the Gun Arm sets, so many traders brought them at rediculse sale prices, and quantities, that they`ll be around to 3022 at this rate. I`ll wait for the new to continue the correct scale. Cheers.

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