How long was your latest (A)D&D campaign?

  • Just watch and be amazed (Sanity checks are mandatory..excepted for Mister Whateley)😁



  • @Steven StGeorges Good for him I guess😅, suppose thats better than character sheets getting lost (what happens with my DM).

  • That was more interesting than I was expecting. I respect that he has been committed to his dream for so long. I really admire that. He has been building the kind of thing that I want to have but I am coming to it too late really. I can not see myself living long enough to achieve my goal... but then life is about the journey not the destination, right? 

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    Indeed my friend 😁

    @Grumpy Gnome 

    Learnt about that "guy" while paying a visit to my favourite Ontarian retailer, people were going to join the "campaign" the following weekend, and were looking for nice minis to depict their characters and new sets of fancy dices... Intrigued, I asked the shop owner if they were talking about some Cons I wasn't aware bout, "Nay mate.. here go check that site."

    I do admire his dedication and devotion to AD&D (or D&D, even if I do dislike using that term), but I think I should have not been able to run a game for sooooooooooooo long with soooooooo many different players... 

    Just check his dedicated website, especially pictures gallery.. 😃

  • @Steven StGeorges what does "even if I do dislike using that term" mean exactly?

  • @Estoc  

    Estoc d'oneur et arbres de vaillance, La flour des preux et la gloire de France

    Since I am a very old gamer, D&D still stands for Basic D&D also known as BECMI, another set of rules, a gorgeous setting way more developped than its AD&D counterpart(s). And I am still angry about the official disappearance of the Known World or Mystara after 1996. 

  • Ah. that explains it.

  • @Estoc  

    I am still playing using AD&D 2, with some books from "D&D 3/3.5" in BECMI setting.. But I do not have any problems with modern D&D players 

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