Had a new set of rules, returned next day.

  • Hi all this is out my comfort zone, but I`d hate any one to be in the same posistion I was in the other day. 

    Sunday after a lot of thought I ordered the wargame Black powder Red Earth, people had been saying what a modern good set it was. I ordered it with the background scource book, around  £45 +. It came Monday afternoon and after tea I settled down to read the rules. The book is a very lavish well illistrated Graphic Novel and thats were it begins to unravel as a rule system, I started to look for the weapons listings all the Black opp toys there were none seems you only need 4 max guns, no details of these weapons, magazine size, sights, etc, Its the soldier that kills, his dice throw, hits or misses, no need for any thing else. Sadly it got worse, as I read the 4/5 pages of rules, it was mostly movement charts. Rest of the book was a story back ground, and repeat, graphic pictures. Drones were a card, radio contact was zero,  Yes it would be quick Kill. but enjoyable to some one used to D"20 realism, I don`t think so. I put down the rules to checkout the source book. Great I`d got part one of a two part Graphic Novel. I still fail to see how this counted as a source book story well illistrated of the Area, this was not what gamers would call a source book and the need to buy another £12 + book to end the story. Tuesday morning, I told Eileen. she had a quick look, and we typed a message to Amazon, they were sent back. Thank fully I`ve got a full refund. These rules will be fine for some,  but as it`s hard to see the actual rule contents on line , please take care, it was bitterly disapointing to me, I was looking forward to a black opps game, I don`t want to drown, in rules, but would like Ammo to play a part and weight of items. Enjoy your`re gaming all.

  • Thanks for the quick review mate. Sorry to hear it was not your cup of tea. Sounds like it would not be mine either.

  • What exactly is a source book? I'm unfamiliar with the term.

  • @Estoc Scource book, usually is a book that relates to the games world, and gives you additional information, to give the game more detail, The rules give a little world enviroment, etc, but the main "fluff" is the scource book. Twilight 2000, Shadowrun, Aliens, Kryomeck. all have several books.  Although I`ve had many illistrated, and had stories in them, I`ve never had one, just a total novel before and a two parter at that. Cheers our kid. 

  • @Geoff Maybury thanks.

  • The greatest source book of all time:

  • @Geoff Maybury Yeah, franchise works can be a mixed bag, though those rules do sound like something I might pick up.

  • @Brian Van De Walker I hope you enjoy them, the quallity is amazing, art work, first rate. I needed more, deapth, I like ammo to run out to cause drama, when a soldier is not near enough to a colleage to get a rethrow. Only one two most dice throws won`t work for me. I put the post not to detter people from it , but because I found it hard to find acurate reviews. The two source books look great graphic novels with a reasonable story, but how much they quallify as scource?????? If you want a quick game then this is for you.

  • @Geoff Maybury BPRE is a bit of a "lifestyle" thing, lots of "operators with beards" doing cool things with cool weapons and NVGs... the graphic novels are superb in terms of artwork, and the miniatures that come for the game are excellent (although too pricey for my taste). The rules are more "tabletop" than "wargame", and in that context they're okay. I've already used this to get friends into other, slightly more involved games and it really works for that as it IS FAST and easy to learn! I'd agree that if you prefer your games more stats heavy and "crunchy" it isn't going to tickle your pickle at all... I just bought the rulebook as I know the "universe" already I must add...

  • @Bill Thomas @Bill Thomas I think you nailed it in one fast, and very easily learned,and as i said great art work. Iv`e gone the Spectra figures aproach, for the game and brought the original £21 metal opps, it was my shock that they had not got the new rules,that lead to no Pre knowlge  of them, and an Amazon Purchase. I don`t  want a heavy states rule set  like say the old Aftermath, more in between, We use D20 for house rules, stream lined by the exellent of all things "Against the Dead" these people really cleaned up combat. Sadlly D20 "Opp" rules are so many,they do bog you down in charts. If you can think of a set that will ticcle an old mans brain, but not fogit, please let me know.  Cheers 

  • @Geoff Maybury I too like Spectre as Matt is a mate of mine, but we use mostly a "house set" of rules that picks from the good bits we like and ditches the other "too crunchy" bits...  but amongst many I like the rules by Patrick Todoroff (Zona Alfa, Exploit Zero, and soon Insurgent Earth!) but they're not D20... however, if you've not seen Exploit Zero then give it a look, self-published by a great gamer and although it's very much "cyberpunk" territory nominally the rules are easily changed to any genre you can pretty much imagine (including The Dead) thanks to the "escalating threat" mechanic, and the WGA sci-fi figures work perfectly with these rules 😁


  • @Bill Thomas Thanks for the scources , funny how we all take bits and play around with them till we get our own blend. Against the Dead, brought our D20 to a very happy place. D-20`s been in our lives for so long in so many subjects Si/F. to Fantasy, that laziness creeps in + the if it ain`t broke don`t fix it. I`ve been working on an idea from "Hell gate London" the Electronic Game and book series.  The modern power suited "Templers", Mages, Special Opps and of course Deamons, with out D20 sites, I don`t think I`d have got a look in, and have less hair than I have now. Fostgrave and Wargame Atlantic will give some great miniatures to convert. Thanks for your support. 

  • Ooh, Hellgate... I love that story and setting, what a great choice 😍 I once wrote a bit of a story with a very similar vibe when my wife gave me a "creative writing course" as a birthday present... I still have it somewhere I think... I got as far as the first 10K words and then... life kicked in 😜

  • @Bill Thomas 

  • @Bill Thomas Well a right royal FUBAR could`nt get back to post. I always say"Real world .com gets in the way". Now i`m retiered I work more hours now than when we were at work. 

  • @Geoff Maybury sorry for the late response, "IRL" as you rightly say :( Did you get it sorted?

  • @Bill Thomas I`m looking at Zona Alpha, and theres a guy doing a D20 modern opp take. Good news is having a lot more luck  on "Sprue Shop " with Hellgate, its only the larger Demons like the Carnosour, and the Majors. Pity its so hard and pricey to geat GW bits, other wize it would be plain sailing. 

  • @Geoff Maybury Zona Alfa, now you're talking... if you're at all into cyberpunk then check out Patricks other games... he's a mate of mine and I love his games 😍

  • @Geoff Maybury sorry, was rushing about earlier and should have mentioned this; it's Patrick's new ruleset and it's awesome! I've known about this for some time but it's now available from the usual places online... I have some cunning plans, but right now I'm using "Cannon Fodder" as the basis for my Line 1 "changed by the aliens grunts" 😁

  • @Bill Thomas God  could these be my default "Falling Skies" rules, never understand with all the wierd and unusual  IP`s this was never seized upon. I mean come on, with the resistance, the real army, civilians, and several Aliens,and robots, all it didn`t have was "DINOS". This is my build, the resistance are coming well figures and vehicles. Aliens 35%, Robots, 15%, Modern Military 1980`s. 

  • @Bill Thomas Its on Amazon for just £16 can you tell me its combat system what Dice used, love the Black and White Alien space ship photos,  only 4 pages shown but looks tempting. Got a K-9 section listed. 

  • @Bill Thomas After a look at a game sescion photos and small review I took the decision to order the rules deliver Friday, 15 in stock this morning I got the last one 8 mins ago lucky. Let you know Saturday. 

  • @Geoff Maybury sorry mate, I'm not always able to get on due to workload, but I saw you have the rules now and see the potential like I do... I hope you enjoy them as much as I am 😍 

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