I wish this forum had a spell check

  • It would be very, very helpful to me - someone who tends to type too fast, and has a nasty habit of never editing unless I see a red zig-zag some where.

    Unless its a feature that's already availible somehow, and I just haven't found it?

  • "Spell Checker Pro" is listed as a premium plugin. Not sure if it is listed because it would be available, or because it is installed... but I haven't seen the option to actually use any functionality like that yet. Definitely listed as installed is "Preview", which based on the API goes into the "file" category. Guess which category is hidden on here.

    Quotes that ping the original author and/or link to the original post would be cool as well. I've seen people use various improvised workarounds, so the demand is there. Though I don't see any plugin names that sound like they'd offer that.

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