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  • Kit afftected: Guillotine

    Part/s affected: 2 Walls and guillotine

    Scope of issue: supports are not sufficient for successful printing. 

    There is no way the presupported version of the guillotine is going to actually print. Some of the models are not tilted and flat toward the buildplate and the guillotine itself has unsupported islands in obvious places, like the blade. unsupported islanduntilted

  • Kit afftected: Rebel Yell Supported

    Part/s affected: _Head1.stl to _Head12.stl

    Scope of issue: all the heads are unsupported. 

  • @Rodrigo Vergueiro @Matthew Smith These have been sent to the team, thank you.

  • Kit afftected: Maori Revolt

    Part/s affected: Arm01R.stl

    Scope of issue: This is a right arm with a left shoulder.

  • I have a problem with the "3d printable Italian tankette and crew" file. I have download it several times but everytime I unzipped it, in the directory  the "tanker" file result corrupted and not usable. How can I do to have it workable?

  • @Alessandro DE ANTONI Hi there. I'll get this over to the team, but in the meantime could you take a screenshot of the error message saying the file is corrupted? Anything that the team can use to pinpoint the issue will be helpful.

  • Kit afftected: Classic Fantasy Cultists

    Part/s affected: body_supported 01-44

    Scope of issue: The new(er) naming conventions appear to be missing, all 44 supported bodies are a mix of complete miniatures, no puddle bodies & puddle base bodies

  • @Lidless Eye same thing with the Aztecs and Priests, actually.  Maybe the naming convention just got dropped, but I know it had complaints before and was updated.

  • Kit affected: Egyptians

    Parts affected:  cows and plow 

    Scope of issue: files are missing

  • Kit affected: Free Gift One Page RulesBattle Sister Priestess 


    Issue: get a 404 error when trying to download or view the miniature.

  • Kit afftected: Classic Fantasy Amazons

    Part/s affected: heads

    Scope of issue: Missing all but one head (09) in the Supported & Unsupported files

  • Kit affected: Russian Women's Battalion of Death

    Part/s affected: Heads

    Scope of issue: While the overall sculpts are reasonably accurate, the heads are not correct. The women of the battalion should have shaved heads, not full heads of hair, and definitely not in the hairstyle shown, which wouldn't be appropriate for a Russian women of the period even outside of the Battalion. I was looking forward to this kit when announced, but to be frank, don't really have much interest in using it as it currently looks. I know that other kits, such as the Berzerker, have been reworked to better reflect historical accuracy in comparison to the originally released sculpt, and hope that something similar can be done here.

  • Has anyone had luck with the OPR mini? I'm still having the same error when ever I try to download the files.

  • @Red Bee They were only available for the month of promotion - legally we cannot offer it anymore

  • Hi, I discovered a few parts in the Irish Chieftain that I couldn't open in anything (Chitubox, Photon Workshop, Windows 3D Builder, and Meshmixer) so I tested all the files in Windows 3D Builder.  the results are

    Pose01.stl - Needs repair
    Pose02.stl - Needs repair

    Pose01.stl - Needs repair
    Pose02.stl - Needs repair

    Arm-heads.stl - Needs repair
    AxeLeftArm.stl - Needs repair
    BareHead01.stl - in cm
    BareHead02.stl - in cm
    Cloak.stl - Needs repair
    HelmetHead01.stl - Needs repair
    RightArm01.stl - in cm
    Scabbard.stl - no errors
    ShillelaghLeftArm.stl - Needs repair

    Body01.stl - Needs repair

    Pose01.stl - Needs repair
    Pose02.stl - Needs repair

    Pose01.stl - Needs repair
    Pose02.stl - Needs repair

    BareHead02.stl - can't open
    HelmetHead01.stl - in cm, needs repair

    Arm-heads.stl - can't open
    AxeLeftArm.stl - needs repair
    BareHead01.stl - in cm, needs repair
    Cloak.stl - needs repair
    RightArm01.stl - in cm, needs repair
    Scabbard.stl - can't open
    ShillelaghLeftArm.stl - needs repair

    Body01.stl - can't open

    Body01.stl - can't open

  • @Robert Singers Thank you. We will take a look.

  • Kit affected: Polish Uhlans 1939

    well the uhlans dont fit the horses :/

    Printed on saturn 3 12k

  • @Moryc Thanks, This has been sent to the team.

    Were these native file size?

  • Just noticed a problem with a file design

    Kit afftected: Persian light Cavalry

    Part/s affected: horsehead1.stl

    Scope of issue: Design problem (the reins are drifted in a weird position and not connected to the head)

  • Persian light cavalry kit (part 2)

    Also a 3D quiver file would make sense to be joined to the kit, since there are archers

  • Persian light cavalry kit (part 3 and last one)

    few heads with typical Phrygian fabric headgear would be a great addition too

    Here is a picture from your 1st empire plastic set

  • Kit afftected: Death Fields Rebel Yell

    Part/s affected: all head are unsupported, all body have bad support

  • Kit affected : British female soldiers

    parts affected : pre supported full bodies with puddle 


    issue : you might want to check the support density and support size they really are huge and hard to remove from thin areas such as hands, helmets edges and the like... 

  • Kit afftected: Female French resistance

    Part/s affected: Supported MultiPart Bodies No pudle base/ All figures

    have tried to print these several times with only 3 figures printed succesfully. The supports are failing mid print leaving legs stuck to the Fep

  • Hi, I Just wanted to see if the set will ever be addressed but: 

    Kit affected: Greek Hoplites

    Part/s affected: All of the Presupported individual parts 

    Scope of issue: Presupports are essentially Unusable and are in dire need of an update or more accurately a redo, it would be nice for the set to have the same printability as the newer sets, especially as it's such a good one. 

  • Kit affected: Plains Indians

    Parts affected: 4th mounted boddy, shields and quiver

    Issue: missing from both unsupported and supported Zips

  • Kit afftected: British Trench Raiders 

    Part/s affected: british_trench_raiders_air_bag (Supported)

    Scope of issue: Air bag for the gas mask is mis-sized. (Far too large).

    Air Bag Missized

  • @Hugh Schmidt fixed and re-uploaded.

  • Hope it's okay if I throw in a two parter for a couple kits that have been out for a minute.


    Kit affected: Rebel Yell 1

    Files affected: Heads Supported

    Issue: Heads are not Supported, none of the parts in the Heads folder have supports


    Kit Affected: Rebel Yell 2

    Files Affected: Arms (Supported/Unsupported)

    Issue: It is stated in the product description on MyMiniFactory that there are LMG files compatible with Rebel Yell 1. These files are not included.


    It's been about a month since I checked on both of these last, but I haven't heard if they've been fixed or not. 

  • Kit afftected: Goth Cavalry

    Part/s affected: arms (most of them)

    Scope of issue: File loads with errors (actually not at all with most software)

  • Kit afftected: Plains Indians, Carolingian Cavalry (to a lesser degree)

    Part/s affected: horse bodies

    Scope of issue: artifacts from the gluing of the parts clearly visible along the body. Looks like two plastic halves are glued togeter. Tail, too, which lead to a weak link.
    No problem if that does not bother you. Can be fixed with Blender.

  • @Axel Schudak The team has the files to remediate them. Hopefully we'll get a fixed file update soon.


    @Axel Schudak plains indians, carolingians, will let the team know

  • @Lord Marcus


    BTW: I managed to repair the Goth arms using the newest Prusa Slicer.

    That one can open and re-export the files. So no need to hurry for me anymore :-)

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