Roughly what will the Tribe get a month?

  • This month is frankly insane value, but I assume that's just the launch celebration. Is there any idea on what future months will look like.  I can't imagine we'll see to many Hoplite level kits being made for digital. Are we looking several mid sized kits a month, a single large kit with some conversion bits, or just play it by ear and see what the themes inspire? 

  • @Red Bee Regular releases will cover the swathe of 11 wargames atlantic ranges. They've said that each will get something, so it may not be 19 kits like the launch package but I would think 12-13 is reasonable.

    They've also stated there will be the occasional suprise addition to add even more value to each month.

  • The more folks who sign up the more we'll make! But the big thing like Marcus said is covering all 11 ranges (and more as we grow) and having a good mix each month of: conversion sets, full sets, characters, terrain, and vehicles of some sort. 


  • Some months could have things that work across ranges - particularly terrain and buildings. Although if they're particularly generic (like Farm Animals) I'd expect them to end up in General Accoutrements. 

  • Honestly, given the price point is about $5 for a single figure with lots of options, or $10-15 for a unit style kit, I'd be quite happy with as few as 2-3 sets I *really* wanted, or 5-10 sets that were useful.

    If there's at least one solid terrain item each month, that would be sweet.

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