Digital becomes Physical


    As promised we can now make physical versions of our Atlantic Digital offering!

    We're loading up everything we've created over the next few days and then adding more. We should have weekly releases going forward. 

    What this really does for us is give us a medium to do non-hard plastic sets in the same way that Gripping Beast, Warlord, North Star and others have resin and metal miniatures. So we can now produce a LOT more. 


  • Ooh, bonus previews too

  • @Red Bee ?

  • Well done WGA. You guys are legends. Now make me some steampunk characters!

  • @Paul Mitting not sure about Steampunk but we may do some proper VSF soon.

  • @Hudson Adams a few of the sets listed for the month haven't been revealed yet to my knowledge

  • @Red Bee true! 


  • 4 lines have at least one "civilian" set so far - Fantasy, Death Fields, Renaissance and Imperial Conquests.

    At least 7 to be revealed, though previews have shown parts of the WW1 Nurses (Great War), the Monks (Blood Oaths?) and (possibly) Napoleonic Camp Followers (Napoleon's Wars).

  • Said this on the FB group, but this is marvellous news... for those that haven't ordered from them before I've used Only-Games in the past and their service is first-rate 😇

    Now I'm looking forward to a few things that I've not been able to access thus far... and did someone mention Steampunk???


  • @Hudson Adams 

    This is great news!

    @Bill Thomas 

    That's good to hear.

    Prices seem very reasonable too.

  • @JTam you're back! 


  • @Hudson Adams 

    My ability to post seems to be back .... 

    Thank You!

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