Printed Plastic - Two New Death Fields Packs

  • I'm really into these two. So much you can do with them besides using them as corporate/future police/security types. They could really be the core of a whole army. Or you could do a whole army of robot guys.


  • I'm not totally sold on the security armour design, but as with a lot of stuff, how it comes up painted will make a difference. And there are parts in there I can use.

    Loving the bots!

  • The security design reminds me of the Corporate Security in Andor... and I love the look of those.

    The robots also look great. Both are sets that I hope sell well enough to one day be made in plastic.

  • @Hudson Adams Could not resist those bots ordered some this morning just after adding, I would have had the pallet load as well but it`s comming out at 1/48th scale, and only one pallet. I`d like 1/56th, and perhaps 2 pallets, it is a load after all. Lets how ever remain positive, the robots will make a great modelling addition and i look forward to them. 

  • I look forward to seeing some photos of the security printed, in some of the renders the shoulders/arms look awkwardly placed and over wide. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome I'd the same thinking, but with an head swap, adding helmeted heads they could pass for other foes, such as Espos(from B. Dailey's Han Solo Trilogy), the private and ruthless militia of the Corporate Sector, or also as private police of some MegaCorp in a Cyberpunk scenario. Either them and the robots have a lot of potential, expecially with conversions.


    My first thought was this:

    Captain Scarlet is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an exciting new  release


  • @Mark Dewis Love ``Crooked Dice" sets of these,  never dated still got my old X-mas Annuals brilliant. S.I.G. Spectrum Is Green.

  • Green. That's right.

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