2 Led Head Band Illuminating Magnifier, Or Replacement for the "MK-1 Eyeball"

  • When you get as old as me you start needing that little bit of aid in doing things. So in an effort to keep swearing down (S**T it wasn`t flash it was a cigar) and paint a straight belt. Eileen bless her bought me the above mentioned kit. Which is actually a real good piece of kit . Unlike some I`ve seen, it adjusts to your head by a simple dial at the back. Is very comfortable to wear even for long periods, has a removeable light scource (Why?), and various lenses. To be totally honest I needed it and had not realised, paintings fun again. So here it is modelled (If the camera has not broke) by yours truely. Amazon Purchased, God bless em. Cheers all.

  • It is a real delight to have one of these, particularly one that can store in it's own box. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to still paint hands free and still feel comfortable.  Cheers, Geoff.

  • I'll have to pick up one of these soon. Eyes are changing quick.  Thanks for sharing this 



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