Iron Core... Kasrkin? Veteran Guard?

  • While I'm a touch too late with these for the painting contest, I'm still working through my stack of Iron Core guys. I had a spare resin boltgun lying around, and since I'm still not 100% what to play them as, I thought I might as well make a binoculars specialist and a... Guardsman Veteran Confidant, I suppose? Something like that. He's got a boltgun, a fancy knife, even a petty officer rank markings and all.


    Just sharing these, though I definitely am taking suggestions on where to head next or what to work on going forward, heh.


  • WOW... unbelievible paint-job... I don't trust my eyes... 🤩

    can't belief that quality... 1000 from 100 points... I would like to have 1% of your ability to do THAT...

    Great work...

  • @Frank Reischmann Hah thank you!

    I would say the Iron Core models themselves are a treat to paint, there's lots of large curved armor plates that can be glazed with very little hassle compared to lots of other models, but they're also not too large like marines or something, so I guess it's a slightly easier mode?

  • @Padomay 

    The boltgun conversion looks great!

    Where is the female head from?

  • @JTam The head is from one of the models by Artel W, this one, Einherjar Tank Commander, one of her alternative heads. Really a nice model, it's always refreshing [to me] when officer models are just wearing a simple and nice uniform instead of either some overly fancy power armor, or - in case of some female minis - something extremely sexual.

  • @Padomay 

    Appreciate the link.  Thanks!

  • @Padomay Great paint job. They are actually just some of the best sculpted  minis on the wargaming market.

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    They are! And what I like about them most is that they're actually kind of neutralin terms of aesthetics. With a few bits and pieces, they can look like Imperial Guard, or something else from 40k, but they can also be put together to feel more conventionally sci-fi like Stargrave, or one of many other tabletop universes with just a little work if any.

  • Pure magic , you "Sir" have a dam fine tallent, and a good eye. "Well done".

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