The Cornwell Variations

  • An Ulsterman with his freinds...

    A set of conversions from the WA Rifles Box.

  • Front 4 figures are an RHA Officer Victrix telescope Perry LDragoon head, Sgt using a Victrix NCO torso and 2 Sharpes (early and later exploring officer).

    The rear two mounted ones use Warlord Games horses (happened to be in the spares box) and Perry LC legs. First is a mounted Sharpe, the second a Pukka mounted Rifles officer.

    Richards I, II and III use a Warlord Games HC Sabre, II and III a Victrix French Officer coat with the 'bugler' upper torso.


  • Fantastic work.

    I love the Sharpe books and this is an awesome project to see.

    Did you have much trouble using the Warlord, Perry, and Victrix parts with the Wargames Atlantic (WGA) Riflemen?  The WGA Riflemen seem on the smaller side to me.  

  • Is there a book where Sharpe is an Exploring Officer?

  • @JTam Its the one where he is 'hanged' so sent off to work independantly behind enemy lines (and presented with his long tailed horse). Remains an independant until he rejoins and takes command of the South Essex at the Battle of Vittoria. - Sharpes Honour I think.

    Yes the WA rifles are smaller, but the ~5% difference can be lived with. I have mixed Perry Rifle torsos with WA arms OK.  The heads have a different mounting scheme - you need a blob of putty under the WA one to form a neck.

    Same issue with Perry and WA Afghans. There mixing arm pairs does show up but mixing made up figures of either manufacturer in the same unit, is OK. Mixing Perry Afghan heads with Cannon Fodder works quite well, WA Afghans less so (I've an Indian CF platoon and also a Norske Heer one in the works).

    The WA Rifles box presents a kitbashers pallete for all sorts of things, some of my WA Afghans are seen with Kandahar made Baker rifle copies.

    I have a set of dismounted French LC officers (same idea as the RHA one), I've even done a Horse Artillery of the Garde set by mixing with the arms off a Victrix sprue (awaiting a decent 4pdr model) - I ended up getting a second box to do that.

  • @Dennis Horne 

    Thanks for the all the detail.

    I'm not sure I remember that book.  I suppose that means it's time to start rereading them ;)

  • @JTam As for mix/match, here's a group of WIP figures to illustrate.  

    Portuguese WIP

    Front left is a vanilla WGA rifleman as reference, his neighbours use the same torso plus Victrix flank co arms & Perry backpacks to form late period grenadiers. The torso mixes with other ranges OK.

    The chaps to the rear use the WGA Rifle 'bugler' torso, Warlord Games Portuguese shakos and assorted spares box arms/legs to form a group of officers.

    All of this lot are still very much WIP and won't see the table for months

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