Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • Yep, guys I have got enough photo capability to post figures, there is enough stuff over the ROBOTS-FUBAR era to annoy you all for a wee while - non of it will involve only-games.

    Another collection of kitbashes - this time Stargrave themed mixes based on WA Grongnard\Grongnard Command plus mostly Anvil and Heresy figures/extensions.


    Mr Good WA GComm upper torso and sabre, Anvind Prosthetic leg and Backpack, Stargrave Merc helmet and carbine

    Mr Bad Grognard trooper torso, backpack and grenades, Anvid robotic arms, Heresy robo skull and supressed SMG

    Mr Ugly WA Grong upper torso, claw arm and radiopack, Anvind robo legs and head, Heresy left arm and pistol gren combo

    Mr Bad demands you use the Italian translation ;)

  • All of them can be used as Stargrave Captain/Mate characters, the KillBot in the middle could be a robo-Commando, robo-Pathfinder or just plain unwanted attention.  ;)

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