ROBOTS - the final solution

  • The ultimate conclusion to the ROBOTS - FUBAR saga (for me at least) was a refund on the offending items.

    Below is what I went out & bought to replace them.

    I am more than confident they will hold their own against all comers.  


    The troopers are all AnvInd Regiments stock , except I replaced the drum SMGs they came with with WA plasma rifles from the weapons upgrade pack, they contrast better with the extra strip of Anvind Vulcan LMGs mixed in for fire support used on the two gunners.  

    The squad leader makes use of some spare extra arms I had to offer a different pose (as does the trooper with the tactical breifcase) both also carry WA plasma rifles. 
    Their leader at the end has an Anvind Biomech leg, robo torso, backpack and left arm. He uses the Heresy claw arm on his right and a Heresy pistol on the left - all topped off with a Stargrave Merc I helmet.

    Xenos Rampant Stats:   HI, Large Unit, HW ,Mobile, Mercenary, Robotic -6pts (same price as a single elite i.e. Space Marine squad) .

    StarGrave:                    6*Plasma rifle armed become robo-Sentries 2*V LMG become robo-Troopers 400cr for the lot. 
    The Sgt becomes the mate, Mr Sensible is the Captain. Cyborg,  Robo Expert and Veteran are appropriate types for their characters  HI,carbine/pistol armed, the  picks, decks ,medkits, and robo repair kits should be added to these. 
    The two characters deal with loot Issues, the main crew fight : boy - do they fight.

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