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Quar Coftyran Infantry

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Though much smaller than the Crusader Army, the Coftyran Crymuster should never be underestimated as a fighting force. Steeped in a rich martial tradition and dedicated to preserving traditional Quar society, the Crymuster is more than willing to stand and fight the Crusader juggernaut.

A Coftyran rhyfler can take pride in the manufacture of his weapons, kit, and uniform. Where the Crusader uniform is sparse, utilitarian, and mass-produced, the Coftyran uniform evokes an earlier period. Leathers are still often hand-stitched, and the sternum plate of the haversack proudly displays his unit. These are not merely quaint anachronisms—Coftyr sees itself as the last bastion of traditional civilization, and this quality and detail serve to remind the Crymuster Rhyflers of the social bonds of the Quar.

This hard plastic box set includes enough parts to build 24 Coftyrans with options for the Harlech Long Rifle, the Cryfen LMG, and the Doru SMG with a variety of heads and extra bits and 24 Wargames Atlantic Dual-Use 25mm Bases. 

Models require assembly and painting. Product contents may vary from photos.

  • Sculpting: Joshua Qualtieri
  • Illustration: Joshua Qualtieri
  • Figure Painting: Anthony Brown

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sold on Quar

I'd never come across Quar and don't like metal/resin miniatures anyway. Having impulse-bought these, I was blown away with the quality of the plastic, the character expressed by the models, and the amazing simplicity of assembly/paintability. I've since gone back and bought another box, and will absolutely get more of the range in the future (and maybe more of these too!). Highly recommend.

I intend to use these for other wargame rules; the range of weapon options made this really easy to work out.

Erik Stewart
Funny little guys

I love these little guys I hope the team gets a much bigger budget can't wait for more

Joshua Holt
Long Live the King

For a royalist it's all about tradition, my great grandpappy died for the king, my grandpappy died for the king, my pa died for the king, and I....wait a sec