Fantasy Knights?

Fantasy Knights?

One of our talented sculptors was playing around with our soon-to-be-in-plastic horse bodies and created an armored version. It got us thinking about knights and cavalry for our Classic Fantasy range. 

Would you be interested in a set like this? What should the riders look like? Let us know your thoughts below! (comments may not appear immediately because they have to be approved - you wouldn't believe the amount of spam posts we get!)

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PLC - December 28, 2021

I’d love a fantasy version of late medieval or renaissance knights. There really isn’t anything available apart from 3d printed stuff.

Jonas Grill - September 7, 2021

I would love to see fantasy knights! I am desperatly searching for knights I could use for Dol Amroth and all that exists is too unrealisticly proportioned.

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - June 23, 2021

Just so as not to drop in the middle of the ford… and because I need a multitude of well-made horses, at the right scale.
This kind of medieval and Renaissance saddle was often held by two straps (a fore-girth and a back-girth). I’ve seen that American rodeo “western” saddles are held in place in the same way : same solid/hard use !
And you can take inspiration from the magnificent medieval saddles made by a Polish craftsman, Martin Ruda (
I wish you good research. Greetings.

Adam - June 23, 2021

I’d loved to see an armoured mounted team in Death Fields. Sounds like it could be a fun and unique idea.

Adam - June 23, 2021

I’d loved to see an armoured mounted team in Death Fields. Sounds like it could be a fun and unique idea.

Ginger - June 23, 2021

I’d really like to see some tournament and jousting knights. Especially frog helms- Since it’s fantasy they can use these in battle.

Jack Hindmarsh - June 23, 2021

I’m all for these!

But I still think a Les Grognards style cavalry would be amazing. There’s too few rough rider alternatives that dont require significant conversion work

Brandon Keane - June 22, 2021

If its going to be fantasy knights, I’d love to see some true “paladin” flavour knights – true heroes (or villains) who were a statement of solidity and purpose

Troy - June 22, 2021

Chaos knights…not too many real cost effective alternative to the Evil Empire

Will - June 21, 2021

Fantasy Knights (particularly Late Medieval/Early Modern inspired) would be an insta-buy for me.

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