Heat 1 Rounds 1-6 Final Voting

Heat 1 Rounds 1-6 Final Voting

Each day this week we launched a new Round in Heat 1 featuring around 500 entries. We've had thousands of votes so far and will be turning off voting this weekend. Here's your last chance to get your votes in before the Top 10 from each Round is entered into Heat 2.

Next week we will launch Heat 2 (Rounds A-D) with 15 entries in each Round. The top 10 of Heat 2 will be in one final vote in Heat 3 from which we'll declare a winner. 

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Mattias Calvignac - April 22, 2021

hey, is there any reason to only do one of these suggestions, it feels like the ones that make it to round three could be auto included to the next round 2 as they are bound to be fairly popular, cause otherwise there could be some pretty big buildups of reposts

Wayne Bollands - April 22, 2021

MUCH more exciting than Eurovision or, indeed, local or national elections in the UK or USA!

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