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Our Holiday Contest!

Our Holiday Contest!

 Here Comes Santa! (Or At Least Some of His Elves Here at Wargames Atlantic!)

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Riley - December 22, 2020

The last troops of the Western Roman Empire would be an interesting subject. Start of the 14th century till the fall of Constantinople would be very cool. It’d also be a good line for other nations in Europe as outside of French and English at Agrincourt this whole period is largely ignored.

Scott Carder - December 21, 2020

I have no doubt you will give us great content.

Keno Ihmels - December 12, 2020

When you do any kind of Space Samurai or Japanese, you have to include the option to build some kind of mech or mech-suit upgrade since when you think of sci-fi Japan you can’t get away from technological advanced robot-soldiers and laser-katanas!
Also I totally agree with Whateley with having the option to build a Wild West set into a weird west set (historical + death fields options) with guns for the skeleton kit, some grey heads and weapons to make some nice aliens to have a shootout with. Also having outlaw and lawmen heads next to generic western heads would be awesome to see.

Angel Saquero - December 12, 2020

Keep your excellent work! Merry Christmas.

Y. Whateley - December 11, 2020

I love what you guys are doing, I’m in the middle of moving, but can’t wait to settle in and order those French Resistance, that looks like it’ll be one of my favorite sets! I for one like the war-dog packs in the Dark Age Irish set, I’ll be using them as fantasy wolf packs, wargs, hellhounds, and more – would love to see a little something different added into the boxed sets like that: robot sentry guns in a colonial marine set, for example, or war=rats in a goblin set, etc.

I love Falk’s suggestion of grey aliens – or something that could double as generic “little green men” by way of head swaps?

Spoopumz’ suggestion of generic hooded cultists is another great suggestion, usable in the Dark Ages, fantasy, pulp horror, and they can also be used as a sci-fi faction too (see Star Wars or Doctor Who or The Black Hole!), so don’t be afraid to include some sci-fi options!

I think the way those lizard-men and spiders come with fantasy-vs-scifi options adds great flexibility, would love to see more of that (your proposed space-orcs in the survey seem like a great set for a mix of fantasy and sci-fi options! And Star Wars and Star Trek made routine use of Space Orcs – Klingons, for example – just downplay the over-the-top Warhammer musculature a bit), 80s sci-fi was also full of fantasy/sci-fi crossovers, from Star Wars to Masters of the Universe to Yor: Hunter from the Future… modern games could benefit from playing around more with that sort of genre-bending.

I think some Wild/Weird Western sets would be a lot of fun: cowboys vs. injuns, white-hat lawmen vs. black-hat rustlers and bank robbers, cowboys vs. lizard-men, cowboys vs. ghouls…. How about hillbilly Hatfields vs. McCoys (or vs. “revenuers”? Hillbillies vs. little green men, or vs. hooded cultists? Maybe that’s just me, but I love the outside-the-box stuff nobody else would do, and figuring out new uses for them! I don’t know how much of a market there is out there for the weird stuff, but I for one love it,

Anyway, please keep doing what you’re doing with the off-the-beaten-path sets, they’re great stuff!

Loren - December 11, 2020

If you do the Merovingians, could we please get a horse and a set of riding legs on the sprue, sorts like the Irish dogs.
Just a thought anyways.

Tomasz - December 11, 2020

Keep up a great work! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Alan Davies - December 11, 2020

Excellent work so far on figure ranges , we are finding the Wargames Atlantic range a very popular addition to our store and has good value, quality and flexibility product wise.

Alexandre Wegnez - December 8, 2020

Super appreciative that you guys take our feedback :D Space samurai or ashigaru would be amaziiiiiiing ! I want to build a tech japanese army so badly ! :P

Falk - December 7, 2020

Another set that is sorely missed are WW2 British in winter gear.
Greatcoats with different accessories can be used for Norway, North Africa and NWE (and likely more!).

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