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Up Close: The Damned Infantry

Up Close: The Damned Infantry

The first of a series of posts highlighting what's been done already to make these new plastic sets a reality. Rob Macfarlane who also sculpted the Dark Age Irish, Einherjar, Late Romans and Goths, Conquistadors and Aztecs, and the Landsknecht Ogres has been hard at work on these new sets for The Damned. 

Today we're taking a closer look at the parts for The Damned Infantry frame. This first image are all the unique parts that have been done so far (i.e. these are not the final frame inclusions) We'll also be taking feedback before and during (and after!) the campaign as we work toward a final frame layout. One thing that will definitely be coming is more head options! 

Next up are some of the combinations that can be assembled from these parts: 

Keep in mind these are work-in-progress, the final frame inclusions have not been locked down, and that parts from the other 7 frames (well maybe not the Brutes!) can be mixed and matched with all of these too. 

We'll be back in a couple days with the next preview! 


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hüth - May 16, 2023

Really hoping these are compatible with the Stargrave mini bits too!

Jorge - May 15, 2023

I absolutely love this project. Looking forward to buy some of these bad guys :)

Vincent - May 15, 2023

Well, this is a dream come true to me. Can’t wait to get my hands on these.

Martin - May 13, 2023

I hope these look good as the digital rendering, I’d like to own some soldiers who cause chaos

Dale - May 12, 2023

Take my money now! Seriously though, this looks great and I can’t wait to see the tank(s). WGA has come out with some great sets over the last few years that have helped me spice up my 40k IG army so it’s not so “Cadian.”

Bill - May 12, 2023

These look very amazing. You keep getting better and better.

Jarvis - May 12, 2023

These are stunning, simply stunning.

In addition to above requests for helmets and more normal heads, I wonder if it would be possible to add female heads and bodies to the range? I am reminded of the Verghast cultists in Necropolis, which encompassed all members of the corrupted hive, male and female, young and old, and how this terrified Larkin. I am also reminded that the Blood Pact has both male and female members.

David Stafford - May 12, 2023

These are excellent. Generic enough to be used in several settings, but still super cool. That said, maybe an add-on mutation sprue?

Jacob Driver - May 12, 2023

Would love to see one of these guys next to one of the 3d printed damned. I want to get these to expand my 3d printed damned and I’d like to see how they compare.

Martin Cloutier - May 12, 2023

Looks great!
If you’re up for taking suggestions I’ve got some…
-Loose hands-free weapons for posing on model’s backs or off-hands.
-A couple more melee weapons, anything from brutal bludgeons made from scrap to light but deadly trench knives. Being able to build full shooting and full melee squads would be great and very thematic!
-Shooting variation for the sniper rifle? In general more shooting pose special weapon variants would be nice!
-Ammo belts for the big stubba would be cool, so we can put some on the weapon holders and some of his acolytes!
I’ll be there on the 26th!

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