• I would like to know what magazines my fellow légionnaires are reading and using for painting, modelling, game aids or just for the fun of.

    Like most of you, I am still using material from White Dwarf for modelling -minis and scenery elements, alongside old Ravage -french edition- from the 90s (including special issues), Wargame Illustrated and Vae Victis -another french mag devoted to historical wargames.

    But you, what are you reading? 

  • I used to read White Dwarf back in the day. That and Dragon Magazine. More recently Wargames Illustrated. But really the internet usually scratches that itch for me.

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    ..Internet is our best friend -and External HDs- and wife's, I am not going to argue about. But I am still pleased to browse old issues of WD for instance not looking for something in particular .. to finally reading some articles about scenery: like Nick Davis' Jungle Fever series (and how to build a Lizardman temple out of pizza box), modeling or game aids (Confrontation, Warbands rules for instance)

  • I hear you mate. I like some of the old White Dwarfs for Middle Earth Battle Strategy Game Battle Companies campaign scenarios.





  • @Steven StGeorges 

    Great idea for a thread.  Always looking for new and interesting publications.

    I'm a long time fan of Wargames Illustrated.  They cover all historical periods and all genres of gaming.  I love the magazine for the history lessons alone.  They have a nice gamit of reviews, scenarios, and hobby articles.  They also have a few Warlord Games plastic sprue cover mounts each year.  They've also had mini hobby how to and short rules sets booklets attached on occasion.   

    John Eveson introduced me to "Miniature Wargames" in this thread:

    Seems like it might be hard to come by on the US side of the Atlantic, which is a shame.  One issue at least had a WGA sprue cover mount.  Maybe John Eveson can provide some insight into the publication....

    (This is the start of a dang interesting article....)

  • Other than a magazine I got when I ordered some Stargrave mini's from a more local retailer, I have only read through two magazines. The Swollen Magglet for Turnip28 and the Mag28 magazines (Inq28, Blanchitsu and Ancient28).

  • I used to have a monthly subscription for White Dwarf back in the days when Warhammer Fantasy existed and 40K wasn't a bloatfest in 5th and 6th Edition, now I only get it if it heavily relates to a favourite faction of mine. Same with Wargames Illustrated - I only buy it if it has a freebie sprue I'll make use of, a free ruleset that looks particularly interesting or relates to periods that are of interest to me.

    I concur that the Internet is often a greater source of inspiration, with many more conversion ideas, blogs and rules adaptations available, but it's searching for it that's time-consuming, whereas with a magazine if you've looked the issue up beforehand you'll know roughly the sort of content you're buying.

  • @Steven StGeorges Well I pick up a couple of digitial copies of WSS every once an awhile and have several "Free Fanzine" type wargamer mag PDFs, and if I see any hobby related mags at the library book sale I pick them up. Mostly I get them for the fluff/history and crafting, but I do have some interest in rules.   

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