Upcoming sets You really want.

  • Which of the sets in the release schedule are you most looking forward to, and what are you planning on using them for?


    Goth Army Builder

    I plan on using these for bandits and other generic fantasy bad guys for RPGs. Maybe also for Frostgrave. I am intrigued with a good unit builder that can be used with fantasy. Will convert with some frostgrave/oathmark and Goth and Frank Bits when those kits are released. 


    Same as the Goth Army builder. Plus for characters in RPGs.

    Landsknecht Ogres

    These will go with my cpnquistadors as part of a fantasy army. Really looking forward to these. Will Be at least a 3 box purchase.

    Classic Fantasy Trolls

    Dont have any real plans... but fantasy means I have to get them. Probably use for RPGs.

    Farm Animals Not sure why, but I Will get them!
    Cannon Fodder 2 Scif fi convict girls! Some heads will go yo conversions... Plus the girls are earmarked for a starwars game...

    Conquistador Cavalry

    For my conquidstador fantasy army. Really looking forward to this set. Will probably be a 3 box purchase.

  • Halfling cavalry, I already have som Halflings kitbashed with the Great War Germans to make some Krieg Ratlings in 40k, may as well do some pintsized Death Riders as well. Primaris are all fun and games until they take a shovel to the ankle or a lance to the hip. 

  • @John Eveson I would like halfling cavalry too. I have 40 halflings converted to be hand gunners and 30 hslfling pike. The halflings aren't an upcoming kit (at least not yet in the release schedule) though unless it's one of the secret kits. 

    ... but I do agree that it should be, I know mantic has a halfling rider kit but you have to buy it with infantry as it's not sold separately and I generally dislike mantic's plastic kits (though there are a couple exceptions. 

  • @William Redford 

    I'm obviously most excited about the Female Cannon Fodder.  Will pick up a box or two make  Rogue Traderish Guard and/or penal troopers.  The Emperor is equal opportunity when it comes to people repenting with their lives.  


    Will probably pick up a box of Landsknecht Ogres for my Empire Army.  (The only good thing about GW destroying the Old World is I no longer care about the source of the models for the army.)

    Sidenote": I hope WGA stops dancing all around the neighborhood of Landsknechts and just does Landsknechts. 

    Peering further into the future:


    If this is 20th century cavalry of almost any sort it will be a must buy for me.

  • @JTam That tomahawk... North American fur-trappers and Native Americans I hope!  There are too few minis of those guys, and if WA puts out a box of either or both, that's an insta-buy for me.

  • I'm glad to see the Boxer Rebels on pre-order - I've been looking forward to them for a while now.  I'll be getting a couple boxes for pulp RPGs, maybe add some Death Fields accessory bits to them for good measure.

    The Goths look like they'll be a useful and versatile kit - I'll probably grab a box or two of those as well.  They do indeed look like they'll make great fantasy RPG bandits, as well as townsfolk, militia, guards, and all sorts of other characters.

    Cannon Fodder 2 - both Cannon Fodder sets are begging for a sci-fi game of some sort.  Among other things, I kinda want to kitbash some of them against the Dead Man's Hand wetern gunfighters for a "Firefly" kinda RPG.  I'm also thinking of turning some into retro-scifi characters of some sort, I haven't quite settled on the details of what I'll do with thatsetting yet, but "Spaceship Zero" keeps coming back to me.


    Really, I've got to restrain myself, because I want to order a little bit of everything, but my budget has been pretty tight lately.  A bunch of stuff, upcoming already in stock, has been calling to me:  a few of the Death Fields accessory sprues, the Grognard command and heavy set, the Bulldogs, the farm animals, the conquistadors, the goblins, the Franks (the goblins and Franks seem like they'll kitbash together really nicely for some Tolkien-style goblin-men....), the wargs, the first modern set, the (apparent/hypothetical) Native Americans/trappers, the Einherjar (I kinda want to build these guys as fantasy dwarves, actually - crew for a dwarven spelljammer....)

    In fact, I've got more inspiration for projects to do, than I have money, time, and room to work on them!



  • With regards to the release schedule, I'm most looking forward to:

    • The Goth and Late Roman army builders, as I'm interested to see how they will be different to the main boxes
    • The Franks, as I'll be interested to see how they kit them out differently to the Goths
    • New Kingdom Egyptians, it was high time they were made in plastic
    • Lorica Squamata Late Romans - as per the Egyptians, it was high time some Romans in Scale Armour were made, as most existing plastics are in chainmail or Lorica Segmentata
    • The 3 sets for existing range and Secret Set - I'm certainly hoping at least one of those is for Blood Oaths!

    @JTam I'd have thought that the axe would be a Frankish throwing-axe, or Francisca. It looks too small to be a melee-oriented axe, and too ornate to be a Tomahawk, not to mention that the arm holding it would certainly fit as the arm of a Dark Age-era tunic.

  • @William Redford It was hinted at in a wargames magazine last year, the onethat came with the spider sprue, they even showed us renders of the minis. They have announced and developed many kits since then (all great kits btw so I aint spitting my dummy out) yet it seems like they forgot the Halfling Cavalry. *cries in Krieg* 



  • I'm most excited for the squamata Romans and the new kingdom Egyptians, as both will help me flesh out a wonderful hyborian-esq setting.

  • @John Eveson 

    Will you look at that!?!  

    What magazine is that?  (The issue isn't neccessary, just the title).  Thank You!

  • My pile of shame is building up pretty big right now, so I'm limitinng myself one or two mini purchases a month untill I catch up. I cheated a bit this month by agreeing to split the horses with my wife.

    I wouldn't have thought I'd ever be interested in a Boxer army set, but the sculpts look fabulous. It's definitely the top of my list next month. I'd like to see if I can make it into a custom Death Fields Army.

    Speaking of Death Fields I am pretty eager for the actual game to come out. The setting and Models have really captured my imagination. I'm definitely going to be one of the first in line when the actual game comes out, no matter the format. Space Dwarves and Future Napoleons are amazing, but they don't fit the Battletech asthetic very well.

  • @Yronimos Whateley Same on the Boxers, next pay check and its order time. Them and Warring States Chinese are the big waits for me. I would also like to see more of the Ironcore stuff and the WW1 and Imperail conquest they have in the in the line up intrests me.


  • @JTam 'Miniature Wargames' Jan 2021 (issue 453)

    my bad, it wasnt Spiders it came with, it had a free sprue of Halflings, I converted mine with some of the WW1 German bits and made Krieg Ratlings for my Guard army. 

  • I want Spiders, Lizardmen, for fantasy, and  new comming Modern figures for D20 skirmish and zombies.

  • @John Eveson 

    Thank You!

    Pics of Krieg Halflings?  That sounds epic.

  • I await the Halfling Cavalry/Command set. Also the Landsknect Ogres. The current plan is they will be a mercenary unit alongside my Halflings (with possible potential to expand into their own army?).

  • @Caratacus - " I'd have thought that the axe would be a Frankish throwing-axe, or Francisca. It looks too small to be a melee-oriented axe, and too ornate to be a Tomahawk, not to mention that the arm holding it would certainly fit as the arm of a Dark Age-era tunic."

    That sounded like a great guess, but unless there's another upcoming Dark Ages set with better-matching franciscas, that screenshot doesn't seem to be a good fit for the upcoming Merovingian Franks set, with chainmail sleeves and very distinctive axe-heads that look quite a bit different from the (perhaps not?) tomahawk:



    Doesn't seem to be the Goths, either, as the hands seem to be separate, and the hathcets/hand-axes/throwing-axes seem quite a bit less elaborate:



    Wow, those Halfling cavalry look really cool - I'm not normally into cavalry, but I love the Halfling militia, and some extra options for them would be fantastic!



  • @Yronimos Whateley Is that top picture definitely going to be for the WA Franks? If so, when was that previewed? I don't remember seeing that article, but if that is going to be the content of the Franks kit then you're right, the rumoured axe @JTam posted isn't a Francisca. 

    I'm pleased to see that there are going to be Franciscas in the set, though, and enough to give to all the models in the unit no less. I also like the chainmail, fur-clad and unarmoured bodies, that's a nice touch to differentiate them from the soon-to-arrive Goths kit.

  • Ideally I would literally like a box of everything... or at the very least a sprue of everything, for my kitbash conversion bits box. 

    Some of my bits…


  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    And reassuring to know there are others who have similarly large (or larger in your case) piles of shame as me 😉

  • A pile of shame does not exist. All I see is a pile of potential!

    I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Conquistadors for a Rogue Trader project, once I get some other projects out of the way. I would also like and see if I can kitbash the skeletons with the Egypt boxes. The warring states kits also grab my attention. (But to be fair, almost everything does. But there is only so much time, space and money).

  • @Berggeit "A pile of shame does not exist. All I see is a pile of potential!"

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