One Hour War Games /One Hour Skirmisher Games?

  • Has anyone her actually played One Hour War Games or it's spiritual successor One Hour Skirmisher Wargames? I saw them ementuoned in a "great games for beginner Wargamings" video and they seem intriguing, but not all that popular so there aren't a lot of reviews I could find on them.

    I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to starting new miniature collection, so a semigeneric rules set that covers a variety of genres and time periods seem like the perfect match for me, but both systems seem a bit odd.

    The original looks like a very swingy single dice roll system, which while quick might be a bit too luck based for me, and the skirmisher system is a playing card based system that seems to be based off the kids card game War maybe.

    Has anyone here played either? How do they actually end up feeling in game play? Would you recommend either?

  • I have not played them but heard good things about them. I am curious to hear what others who have experience of them say. 

  • I just got One Hour Skirmish Wargames a couple days ago and have played 2 WW1 games with the rules. I enjoyed it although I see on a re-read I messed up the end phase morale check. Lots of moving and shooting, no records keeping. The author does explain his reasoning behind his rules. Cheap enough for anyone interested in trying. There is a FB page for the system.

  • I can try and answer any question you may have. Would like to add on the FB page One Hour Skirmish Wargame page the author is active there.

  • I'm a bit curious on how the different eras distinguish between each other. Does playing different eras actually "feel" different or is it just a paint job? 

  • @Red Bee Different weapons, from muskets to tanks and everything in between. But I have only played WW1 scenarios of my making. You start with a core set of rules and add on from there. 

  • What era are you interested in?

  • Tonight's battle in 15mm.

    A German infantryman rushes a St Chamond tank within it's movement range and attacks with close assault knocking the iron beast out.

  • I'm thinking of using it to stat out the Death Fields armies my wife and I have painted up (Grognards Einhenjar,  Lizard Men with a Spider unit or two added occasionally). I suppose it would be Pulp-yish in my mind. 

  • Sounds cool, and yes there is a Pulp Action chapter, Chapter 7 with a scenario to get you going.

    Scenario 6

    The teacon, Emperor of Venus and Commander of the feared Troon Shock Troops, has kidnapped Dr Slimbody. And so the scenario begins. Dr Slimbody, "She  is a brilliant science advisor to the RAF" And I will tell you she uses a "needle pistol."

  • I actually love this ruleset as it's not in any way "crunchy"... simple and straightforward and you really can play a game with your mates in an hour (or substantially less if the cards are unkind to you!). Lots of permutations for different timelines and genres, but you need to be able to "fill in the gaps" sometimes... overall a winner for me, and great if you have just a few figures in your collection :) Cheap to buy, fun to play with NO DICE (yes, really), and FAST!

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