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  • Just received the Stargrave Crew II and the Dead Man's Hand Gunfighters II kits and thought I'd post my impressions.

    The Stargrave ladies are well thought out as far as equipment and bodies go. They've avoided "space babes" and while a couple of the bodies have short tunics to give a skirt look, everyone is wearing pants and sensible shoes, and no cleavage. One of the five bodies is in a simple overall/jumpsuit. Excellent.

    Even a robotic right arm with pistol and a fist clenched left one. Nice touch there - and the gun selection is a lot more varied than any of the previous three kits (which helps enhance those of course, as the arms are compatible between all of them). Less backpacks but more small belt gubbins than the male crew sprue. Knives. Left hand pistols. I presume all as a result of feedback from last year's launch release kits.

    My one small criticism is a lack of human head variety. They've included a LOT of aliens. On the other hand, there are a couple of female heads on the Trooper sprue, and if you have Frostgrave Wizards II or Soldiers II, you have a lot of female human heads. Cannon Fodder II will also remove this as a major issue. The sculpting quality of the faces is pretty good.

    The same unfortunately can't be said of the gunfighter girls, IMHO. I am a bit disappointed in this kit, really, especially as the male one was so good. A lot of the mix and match torso and legs just don't work well and will need minor conversion. They might have been better to have gone with one piece bodies here. Arms and weapons are good. Only one set of arms with bloused sleeves though... so you have to pair those. 

    But the real disappontment is that the heads are just a bit  crude and ugly. The hair extensions are meh - the braids don't look good with any of the heads; the ponytails are only passable. Not much hat variety (ONE bowler would have been nice, but there should definitely have been a bonnet!) Too many of the heads have bandanas on their face. One of the hair extensions should have been a bun... fortunately a simple addition.

    I don't regret buying it, and it's going to be a valuable resource... but I'll likely be grabbing a few heads from other kits. Frostgrave Wizards II to the rescue, no doubt ;)

    (Cannon Fodder II may end up being super useful here... trim off the explosive collars and you have a bald head you can sculpt a hat and hair on...)

  • That is a shame that the female gunfighters are not better. Still, your thoughts on the utility of the kit to bolster bits boxes make sense.

  • @Mark Dewis Nice review particulary pleased with the Female Gunfighters,  as I was thinking Terra Nova (The Dino One). Setlers figures for out of base, you given me food for tought.

  • I have yet to find a Stargrave or Frostgrave sprue I didn't like. I have not received my stargrave crew II, but the female soldiers and wizards are just amazing.

  • @Geoff Maybury I quite enjoyed Terra Nova and was disappointed to see it cancelled.

  • Thanks for the review!  I got a kit of the Stargrave ladies the other day, and I agree completely with the review.  I have a box of the wild west ladies in the mail, I'll see how those work out.  From what I can see online, the review is fair, though I don't think I'll feel too let down about them - they still look like a great kit to work with, and I expect I'll be able to get some good characters out of the set.

    I definitely agree that the selection of hats seemed a bit strange (this is definitely closer to an over-the-top pulp western end of the  scale of historical realism!), and it's a strange and curious thing that there are more ladies with bandana masks than there were guys.  There do seem to be a couple sets of arms that must be paired together (a pair of arms with rolled-up sleeves in addition to the blouse sleeves mentioned in the review!), but to be fair, there were a couple similar sets of arms that had to be paired that way in the male gunfighter kit, too.

    It definitely looks like a kit that is begging to be bashed with bits from the Frostgrave wizard ladies, Stargrave ladies, and Cannon Fodder ladies, to get a better variety of faces!

    And naturally, the Stargrave and gunfighter lady kits look like they'll be fun to bash togethe for some Firefly/Serenity space-western fun, too.


  • @Mark Dewis Where are the female gunfighters from?

  • I'm a little underwhelmed by the female gunfighters too, as indeed the male box set was very good and allowed a lot of mix and match... the pistols arms seem a bit... well, okay, but nothing more and I think they missed an opportunity for things like Derringers; the "Peacemakers" are still nice, but the generic revolvers not so much, although the fact there's an unattached Winchester is nice. Of course, I'm sure we can all find fault in just about anything these days as we have so much choice, and it didn't stop me buying some 🤣 I'm definitely looking forward to getting them on the streets of "Hope"!

  • @Charles Tottington 

    Great Escape Games:

  • Review of the Great Escape Games female Gunfighters from the current issue of Wargames Illustrated:

  • Good grief those faces are hideous! Well looks like the bodies can be used for other things (I hope).

  • @Charles Tottington 

    Ah, the classic butterface.

  • GEG did themselves no favours with the fairly basic painting done on their example figures, too. 

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