Awesome terrain for those of us with limited time/space!

  • Hey, all! I wanted to share this with folks who might not be aware of it: This is the pre-launch page for Acid House Terrain's latest Kickstarter for quick-assembling fold-flat terrain.

    This is their Fantasy set; they also have a Sci-fi set that's already out for sale.

    For those of us who have limited time and/or space (like me), I think this is awesome! The price seemed a bit steep at first (I'm going for the 4'x4' set), but when you consider zero assembly (aside from setting it up on the table), and zero painting (spray paint's around $5 a can in my area), the price doesn't look all that bad.

    As much as I enjoy scratch-building, I just don't have time for it anymore. Plus, I have a small room for my hobby space and storage and all my wife's yarn (she's a crochet FIEND), so the small storage footprint is hella-nice!

  • I've seen similar kickstarters but this is the first with interiors.

  • @Estoc It's got good variety, which is the only reason I didnt jump on the Sci-Fi set.  They mentioned more variety for Sci-Fi in future printings, so I'll keep my eye out for that.

    This one's got enough different stuff for me to almost consider it a "one-and-done" set; any future additions are just gravy.

  • Nice looking stuff!   I might end up having to downsize my gaming habit and I'll sit this Kickstarter out, but if I were in the market for big terrain, this looks like it would be perfect for me, due to space, time, and other considerations.

    We're really in a golden age of miniature gaming supplies:  the sheer number, variety, and quality of great gaming products available today is astounding!

  • Nice find!

    If wood is your preferred terrain material, Mad Bob has some nice stuff with a similar concept.

    Anybody ready for some Mordheim!!!




  • @JTam Dang, those are slick!

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