Space miners

  • Finished my space miners on the weekend. Cannon Fodder bodies, Oathmark Dwarf Light Infantry and Fireforge Folk Rabble tool arms.

  • @Mark Dewis Some one was pleasently busy this weekend they look great Mark , I love the none combat nature of these. Plus the "Find me, glow in the dark handles", thats a bloody brilliant idea,I may pinch that. All that they need is that "Flat Bed" to load up on , what say?

  • @Geoff Maybury thanks! My thought process was that handles would be synthetic and not wood, then it was a short jump to fluro. I considered putting fluro strips on the miners, but the dusty and dry brushed look might suffer.

    Basecoat, warshade, drybrush. Heads got a bit more attention. 

    I should point out that it took more than last weekend to do them, though they are just one of many groups on the go. It's the usual waiting for paint to dry. 

  • @Mark DewisI just was so pleased with that total none combat use of "Cannon Fodder" in my mind after seeing yours I thought "Disaster Rescue Team". all of a sudden there is so much more than fighting. 

  • @Geoff Maybury at the end of the day they ARE mostly intended for wargaming, but there is always scope for some civilians to be caught up in things. I do put mine together with an eye for RPGs as well, so that's as likely as not.

    Some space firefighters and paramedics would be a good idea, though. 

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