More December releases

  • One that was expected and shown in the initial preview:

    Aaaaaand one that was teased but not really expected at all!

    Also, the Victorian Policemen appear to have had some parts added (another truncheon arm and a whistle arm).


  • I was really looking forward to the Cannon Fodder set, but that caravan kind of blows it away. This has to be the most ambitious set WGA has ever done. I love it! 

  • @Mark Dewis truncheon arm extended. Whistle arm. Right arm outstretched waving.

  • Bloody Hell! Christmas has definitely come at last. I'll be ordering those Cannon Fodder parts asap. Hope the postage to Australia is not too savage.

  • @Paul Mitting £11 so you might want to add a few things into the mix to spread it out! 

  • Some pretty cool designs.

  • This was posted about DEC releases:

    So far the releases have far exceeded my expectations.  Very excited to see what the WW2 (my main area of interest) release is.

  • The monks have hit the store:

    Looks like a very versatile set.  

    With some guitar wire dendrites and some bionics you could build some nice 40k Chapter serfs. 

  • @JTam agreed. Should also kitbash quite well with the Frostgrave Wizard kits. 

  • Decline and Fall is now ticked off the checklist:

  • And we finally have a complete look at the Napoleonic Camp Followers:



  • Are the Japanese peasants and/or the camp followers going to be offered through the print partner? I like/want both of those sets.

  • These STL files sets are interesting, working classes' women fashion didn't changed a lot btw late 18th/ealy 19th century, so there are a lot of opportunities, the same for japanese peasants or (eventually) chinese ones.

  •  @Hudson Adams Will that faboulous Fantasy caravan set go to the print firm?

  • We will be trying to get some version of each set we have onto Only-Games for printed versions. It just may take awhile to get them all up there. And in some cases the costs don't necessarily work out. We may need to hollow out some parts and put drain vents in order to bring our costs down and be able to offer the printed models at a rate that is more inline with metal and resin figures. So bear with us as we work through all those issues. 

  • I think it's just Egyptian slaves and mystery WW2 set left to go.  

  • I wonder if the World Ablaze civilian kit might be... Home Guard and/or Air Raid Wardens!?

    Dad's Army at 50: the secret history of 'comedy's finest half-hour' | TV  comedy | The Guardian



  • WW1 field hospital has been uploaded:

    Looking at the doctors, I just can't help thinking..."IT'S ALIVE!!!" 

  • *Bump*

    Still waiting for the First Empires and World Ablaze sets. Not much December left...

  • Not to mention the Peasants that were previewed at the end of November 

  • Egyptians are in:

  • I guess if you count the gangster towards World Ablaze they just scraped in.

    But that's cool. It would be churlish to criticise missing an ambitious target when they've supplied SO much content. I'd rather care be taken with the sculpts and not have the sets rushed out.

  • Is the Tommy Gun guy supposed to count for World Ablaze?  Fair enough if so.  I'm perfectly satisfied if some months are something like "PIAT and arms" for the Resistance set.  

    The Renaissance peasants are still MIA as well I think.

  • Yeah. My guess there is the sculpting didn't get done in time, so they deferred it until later since the Japanese peasants already counted for Renaissance, while the Monks are very usable for that line too. December is a bitch for deadlines.

  • @Red Bee peasants for the renaissance/medieval range are still coming, and as far as i am aware will be made available to all subscribers from december. They apparently had some technical issues with the files. This was not communicated because they were attempting to get them fixed before the month turned over.

  • Good things come to those who wait:


  • And Ye Old Peasants are here.

  • Interestingly, both of the late sets count for the December and the January themes. I wonder if that might have affected the January theme selection? Although to be fair they would ALSO both have counted for "females".

    I'm REALLY liking the peasants. Very useful kit and should kitbash and mix well with the Fireforge Folk Rabble that are essentially the same look.

  • The tunic, cape and, and hoods being separate on the peasants releases is a really slick way to add some variety to the torsos. I haven't printed them, but I can see these guys becoming to fantasy what the Cannon Fodder are to sci-fi as far as kitbashing goes. We'll worth the wait.

  • Anyone else have any issues with the French resistance torsos? Lychee isn't finding a problem, but I've twice printed them and had the legs on every torso misprint.


    Could be a coincidence, I'm still pretty new to 3d printing and  I'm still learning, but having the same error pop up twice has me suspicious that Im.doi g something wrong.

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