Ok, hear me out...

  • Ok... This plus This. Elite Scifi Imperial Guard Units. Use the picklehaub themed helmets and lasguns.

    What are some other kitbash ideas you think would look dope. I wanna see them.

  • Reptilemen heads (plenty of spares there) on Spacenam. Someone already did a test run on the Facebook group, though he used a Stargrave head. 

  • Hmm, wasteland mutants made with lizardman gun arms and Afgahns are pretty fun to make.

    As to things I don't seem to have photos of and am too lazy to add right now, I gave a WW2 Italian trooper one of the big two hand swords from the boxers, so he sorta of looks like one of the big sword troopers from the Chinese warlord armies of the 1930's.

    Also for things I have not done but might be fun, goblin heads on Gurkha or WW1 bodies would be cool as would WW1-2 weapons on Nappy figures and viceversa.


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