Errors accessing this platform.

  • I have just attempted to send a PM to someone via this platform.

    I got an 'SMTP does not recognise password ' error.

    Does this mean that this function requires Moderator level privilidges or is it just broken?


    Secondly I have experienced issues logging in.

    When I login, I'm sent to that reCaptcha screen, when through that ordeal I often get dumped onto the account already taken error screen. It is as though the code invoking the recaptcha is a call back and a variable saying whether the reason for calling it was a login or signup action was corrupted of uninitialised.


    It took me 2 goes to get in on this session.

    [EDIT] You can't edit the post to add extra tags !

  • I wanted to add bugs and site issues tags.

    It seems that the login issue is a persistent problem that has not been fixed for a good year.

  • It would help to know where you are trying to log in from. I sometimes used to have issues at work, due to ad blocking and other limits on what pages we can access. Almost any workplace or institution (and some ISPs) will have something set up to prevent casual access to malicious sites, and it's a feature  - not a bug - for those to be overly vigilant. If that is the issue and you are accessing stuff you're allowed to you should contact your systems support.

    Agree that a bug thread would be useful, even if it helps confirm that the issue is at the user end.

  • I'm using a UK standard ISP via mobile internet.

    There are no intervening Intranet or Corporate policy issues.

    It's the first time I've seen this error, other MOOC platforms I use support PMs and appear to use the same framework. That led me to suspect a privilige/set up issue at WA's end.


    There are bugs and site issues tags, its just once you create a thread it seems you can't subsequently associate a thread with those tags.

  • Right. Could be mobile is more likely to hit the issues than desktops? For all the people that have had issues, there's a lot that don't appear to have had them either.

    The forum setup is definitely a bit clunky, that is for sure. 

  • @Mark Dewis Try PMing me to see if your end works ?

  • @Dennis Horne 

    One can't edit the title, poll, or tags in General Chatter.

    One can do the above in every other section (to the best of my knowledge) of the forum.  

  • @Dennis Horne when I tried a PM I got "STMP server does not accept the password", from my PC at home, which should be the least problematic setup.

  • Wierd as the PM got through.......

  • @Dennis Horne Same again - smae STMP message.

    I wonder if it has to do with being logged in at the same time or not?

  • I'm guessing it's all due to some sloppy unititalised/default mailto: data in the script. Seems the only debugging on this stuff is left to the users/customers.

    (A bit like Atlantic Digital printed figures ?)

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