2023 April Digital Releases

  • April's Theme:

    First three releases posted today, 24 April.

    Skeleton Ogres:

    These compliment the WGA plastic skeleton kit nicely.  

    I'd like to see some Cyclops heads too:


    Grognard's Ogres:

    I was really looking forward to these but they are a bit of a miss for me. 

    Not feeling the NCO's Orky jaw adornment.

    And no bearskin heads, no care.

    Hopefully there's a future head expansion.  


    And finally a bridge.

    Useful.  Even ties in with the theme 

  • The orc-jaw bevors do look like a good way to put your eye out with a sudden movement the wrong way, but the heads without them look fine to me!


    Someone seriously needs to find some 28mm skeletal mammoths to mount those skeletal ogres on as cavalry :)


    I can't help thinking there might be a lot of great uses for a boxed set of bits like that modular bridge that can be crafted in various ways into fortifications, watch towers, guard shacks, ramps, and siege engines as needed by the builder:  planks mounted on frames and posts, platforms, walls, wheels, ladders, and other bits of the sort.  Sort of like a 28mm scale version of those old soft-plastic 1:72 build-your-own battlefield accessory kits that Esci used to make.



  • Nice!  

    The bearskin heads still have that jaw piece but let's not nitpick.

    This also sounds like nitpicking...  But I just realized the other big problem:  No Ripperguns (aka the big magazine feed guns the Landsknechts Ogres have).

    Considering that 95% of potential users will what use this STL for 40K, no Ripperguns is a problem.

    Perhaps Grognard Ogre arms with more modern armaments (which would fit the Adrian helmet heads better anyway you look at it) will follow in other months.

  • Just dropped 26 April 23:

    Pretty cool.  I like it.  I personally find the Polish contribution to the Napoleonic Wars fascinating.

  • I most definitely can find a lot for these lovelies 😘

  • Dropped today 28 April 23:


    Come out with these in plastic and cue the "Shut Up and Take My Money" meme.


  • @JTam those are some gorgeous minis. I have absolutely no idea what I'd use them for, but I need a full set tonight.

  • I'm glad to see the huge variety of minis available today - it's really a golden age for this sort of thing!

    But, I think my favorite developments have been all the Renaissance, Victorian, and WWI stuff available:  those seem like three of the most likely historical periods to get me interested in historical tabletop wargaming.

  • Just dropped:

    I have no real interest in the late Roman Empire, but I really like this type of upgrade kit.

    Psst.....  Panzer Lehr Panzerschreck.


  • @Red Bee 

    Well the glorious return of Warhammer Fantasy Battles of course ;)

  • @Hudson Adams any idea when the Onna-Bushi might be hitting Only Games? Those figures look stunning and I definitely need them for "reasons" 🤩

  • @Bill Thomas God Bill, you play some games our Kid. Did you enjoy "Salute"?

  • A good month.

  • @Geoff Maybury haha! Yes, my tastes are wide, varied and somewhat eclectic for sure... SALUTE was awesome my friend, so much inspiration... there are image folders of most of the games on my personal facebook page if you want to check them out "Eileen" 😍

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