Panzerjager bits hunt

  • Pun in the title intended.

    I plan to grab a box of Panzerjager, maybe Stormtroopers too, but I have a little issue - all models have two-handed weapons, rifles etc. and from what I saw on the sprue and others' models, there are not many options in the box aside maybe binoculars in ST box (I won't get a whole box of minis for a single bit though!).

    I'd like options to fit ballistic shields, pistols etc. from other kits, but there's a question - what's a good comparable scale models I could use as part donor? At first I wanted to create something akin Sister of Battle order auxiliaries, with elites buffed up with parts from great Anvil Industry Burning Rose series, but their heroics hands and helmets won't feet slender Jagers (until someone has both parts on hand and can share). I really got hyped on the idea, but not sure what next. Maybe one of necromunda gang upgrade set? I'm little in dark here.

    Ooh-Rah seems promising, but sleevless arms would look really weird on the troopers.


    What other sci-fi kits fitting the scale and general design would you suggest to upgrade and customise my Eisenkern? Glad to hear any help in that regard, especially from smaller brands.


  • @Drangir Well, there is actually an acessory sprue from the older "true 32mm" scale minis that you can still find on ebay from time to time like this lot:

    However it was made with the older Wargames Factory made male  set in mind and is therefore a bit larger from the new remake mini set which are actually closer to WA's 28mm historical scale minature lines though I suppose you try Death Fields arms like the Raum Jager, the Female CF, or wait for the Female Damned set to come out  which are supposedly going to be more slender than the  male Death Fields sets (If you only want one box and early, I think you can add it to the support pledge).

    That said if you have access to a 3D printer, there might be several excellent options you could try though I do not know enough about that help you, WA's Twilight 2300 AD style FFL trooper STLs might be worth a once over if you do.

    Failing all that, while it probably isn't perfect the WW1 and 2 sets WA has such as the Partisans, Panzer Lehr, and WW1 Germans might have arms that work for you and with a bit of conversion they would also probably work great as militia/auxlliery to go with this SOB army your making (so you might want to get one those sets anyways😉). 

    Warlord's Boltaction line arms might also be worth checking out too as those tend to work okay with more elegant sculpts but do have some heft and are pretty easy to get off ebay.


    Now there is final slightly pricey option that might actually be perfect and at least worth looking at which is sheildwolf's  Female space paladins. I have not gotten my hands on any of the sheildwolfs minis personally yet (keyword yet as I did back thier last KS) but I have heard parts wise the space paladins are more on the slender side, they seem to have fussy part setup that could work great for Panzerjager command and they do have an armored look along with a lot of Sisters of Battle suitable paraphernalia.  There is also the fantasy version of the set that may be worth checking out as well (I am getting at least one sprue of the fantasy version with my KS pledge).

  • Difficult to recommend bits without physically seeing their use. However these have slender arms & alien apperance. Might do the job?

  • Thank you for introspective and delightful input, it really helps!

    I think the best way will be to pick some other WA product for the parts and I'll probably just cut the hands for the best fit. I'm lucky to have a local club that sells some sets per sprue.

    Unfortunately they don't have Sheildwolf's paladins! It's probably exactly what I need but doubles the cost of the project in minis. It's the closest thing to The Burning Rose with proportions seemingly close to the Jagers. I'm not a fan of the style and some sculpting decisions, but a frame of them would be a great addition to "Zealot-up" the more neutral jagers.


    @Dennis Horne Yeah, that's my issue exactly. Anvil industry are perfect design and thematically, but proportions of hands and heads make their parts unfitting. Set you suggest is quite simple and arms fit the theme of Jagers perfectly, I'll look into it.

    I found interesting venue to fix my issues with lack of single-handed weapons. Historical models are often made in rather sleek realistic scale and with addition of medieval armour it may make a good fit to heavily armored troopers, especially if I'll go more stylised gothic venue. I'll keep this updated.

    For now I'm looking at Perry miniatures with some knights available at my store.

  • The Sisters of Faith are very, very fiddly to build (separate hands for everything - good if you want to add them to a different arm though!). Also they are very tall, towering over regular 28mm scale figures yet also very slender. The sculpting is not as crisp as other, later manufacturers either - especially the head sculpts.

  • I did some additional research, thanks a lot for you all for help.

    With 20 soldiers and great weapons in the pack I won't need a lot of special characters. I considered to even get newcoming novitates, but it would be hard sell, despite some cool spares you can get from a set. Current plan is to grab a single frame of Perry Miniatures foot knights:

    These should provide me with some arms and hand weapons with very nice proportions. I love how sleek normal swords are, lol.

    There are also some gestures or free hands. Wouldn't mind more, but I'll probably get some others along the way - or there are actually some potential hands in the main set I overlook (further look in materials on YT confirmed that frame content is very two-handed heavy. It's probably some kind of heresy to give Jagers melee weapons.

    To this, I'd add Delaque upgrade pack. I have some experience with these packs and they're great. Currently using one to buff up my lizardmen from WA.

    There's a lack of armour on the hands, but such is life. The weapons aren't that buffier from the heaviest Jagers' gear and will smooth out differences with my current models and upcoming Damned. They're also quite neutral about the design, so it won't be hard to use them aside from other vanilla parts. Bonus is that they may fit perfectly with the Damned, so making some elites will be even more creative. These knives and heads, mmm!
    These are also almost perfectly fitted for use with poses jagers offer if I manage to deal with some size-differences. It's not the cheapest option, but about 1/3 cheaper than things I'd need to get abroad and both are available locally, which is very important to consider.

    I'm not ordering yet though, because there will be hobby convention and I may grab some wild stuff there.


  • @Drangir There's also this site :

  • @Drangir I've used the Warlord Concord troopers as part of a multbox mash up.

    I got  box of them along with a box of Stargrave troopers.

    The Stargrave trooper torsos were mixed with WA Cannon Fodder weapons and full face helmets these along with some Merc I and II were all combined to get a 30 trooper Stargrave/CF based HI platoon to complement my 2 CF based LI Militia platoons.

    The Trooper weapons and heads were then retro fitted onto the Warlord C3 torsos to give 2*5man elite squads for XR or individual Armoured Inf for Stargrave use. The arms and heads work quite well.

    You don't have to compose an all Anvil Ind figure.

    I put together a set of 4 more Statuesque based figures on top of the Ranger Grrls using Anvind PMC female legs and torsos, the Statuesque heads but using arms from Stargrave CrewII and MercII spues. The results look good indeed but are painting WIP.  I've also mixed their bionic and robotic legs with Cannon Fodder torsos to good effect.

    You get a lot of varied spare female heads in those Stargrave CrewII and Merc II sprues. Take a look at the Frostgrave Wizards II (i.e. Witches) sprue for more arm & heads options. Mix these with the Cannon Fodder II girls torsos and every girl in your force is unique.

    I've also used metal weapons from  CP models weapons and Heresy Weapons on my figures,  some of those goodies work out at 20-30p each rather than the £17 GW are charging you (4*,5* ?). Those silenced SMG L and  R hands were immediatey retrofitted onto my CF recon troopers once I found them.

    Don't forget the WA CF weapons upgrade sprue....

    Oh yeah, as well as the Sprue Shop (previous post) Wargames Emporium also sell single sprues.

  • The upgrade pack costs me less than 15 pounds and shipping is dirty cheap.
    It seems a lot of producers and specialised stores are localised in GB. We have a lot of hobby stores in PL, but hardly any has such rich offer as TheSprueShop. Jelly! 

    I think I'll employ local friend to grab me the Anvil stuff... will make whole ordeal much more worthy 🤔Maybe even the C-P guns, these silenced mp5 would fit great to Death fields. Something my Einharjar painfully lacks!

    I got some printed lasguns and heavy weapons that were pretty cheap and nice, but they fit the rougher style of lizardmen rather than the Mondragon's models.
    I still gonna use Jagers as the base, heads and bodies, the only issue I have with with them is lack of poses. Have you posted your builds here? I'd love to look.

  • @Drangir

    I didn't realise you were out of the UK. I think both the Sprue Shop and Emporium also sell via Etsy which gets around the EU-UK postal issues.

    Those silenced pistols I was referring to were in the Heresy range, perhaps CP do 'em too. I used  CP for RPGs, light Mortars and MGs (the MGs easily replace the CF Plasma guns). True 28mm scale but work for me with CF figures. The Spacedwarves use the same plasma gun as the CF 1 set, so should fit there too.

    Heresy do an interesting officer pack for their troopers Heresy Officer upgrade. Their Sgt Bastard head looks very similar to the chap in the Stargrave rule book - mine went on top of a CF1 torso, no problems. Also noteable is a power claw which isn't over the top scale wise (as the original W40K spacewomble and WA Grongnard copy). The skull head is used on the Mr Bad killbot on my Good,Bad & Ugly post. Mr Sensible - the officer on the Far Right of the Anvind 'Bots (ROBOTS - the final solution) uses that heresy Power Claw.

    My Lizards have a lunch appointment on Saturday with a 24 point collection of Cannon Fodder on the menu. All of those guys mentioned are WIP (some barely undercoated).  Remaining painting etc. time is focussed on that until then. I'll put a collage together next week.

    You might find that one of your local shops can get CP, Heresy, SprueShop stuff sent to them directly at less hassle than trying to mail order direct, IIRC one of them advises to shop through stockist in Holland.

    WA have apparently got an EU shipper for their Damned stuff, I guess that'll expand to all there stuff in the end.

  • I saw said C-P stuff, but I opted for set of Heresy gear I'll order next month when the friend comes to country. Their small arms seems to fit DF very well. Not a fan of rifles, but WA makes them great, so not issue at all here. I'll look around at the con, as they often offer old sets for cheap.
    If I remember correctly WA sells stuff fee free from the store, which is nice - comparable to local distributors, but I wanted to vote a few times ;P


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