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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Something New: Death Fields Weapons Sprue!

Something New: Death Fields Weapons Sprue!

Now on pre-order, our first sprue-only product: the Death Fields Weapons Upgrade Sprue 001 (perhaps the first of many!) 

This single sprue can be used to change-up heads and weapons on your Death Fields troops...or use them with our historical or fantasy figures to sci-fi them up!

40 parts in total per sprue.

Click here to get yours!


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Archie Taylor - November 29, 2021

These are a gift from the heavens! I was looking for some Death korps of Krieg dudes, but the only ones I could find were ones that I’d need to 3d print, or ones that would drain my bank account in milliseconds. But this sprue combined with Les Grognards will make an awesome kitbash!

Andrew - November 22, 2021

I like the idea of selling sprues with alternate parts. Do you think that you’ll do the same thing for your Great War minis? It would be great to have a wider variety of hand weapons for trench warfare, like knives, pickaxes, and clubs. There are also lots of body armor options that would be amazing to add to the Germans and French you already have.

Benjamin MacConnell - November 4, 2021

The idea of using these parts with Late Roman infantry reminds me of this obscure faction from Warhammer 40K, called the Severan Dominate. It was from the Only War roleplaying game, and it was basically Imperial Guard, but Roman themed, and it was a rebel faction that broke off from the Imperium.

You could easily create some Severan Dominate forces here.

Mark Dewis - October 25, 2021

Very handy for converting whatever you have lying around spare into Stargrave crew. Unlikely to be a coincidence :)

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - October 24, 2021

Very good. I hope there will be many more extensions to equip our miniatures…

In my opinion, at least three styles of modern military headgears are still missing :
1. a Baltic style sailor’s cap/hat, like the russian “beskozyrka” or the german “Mannschaftsmütze” (for “marines”, ie. naval landing troopers);
2. a generic garrison/side cap (several possibilities);
3. a good and solid “béret”: narrow one as for parachutists and modern soldiers, or wide one as for french alpine hunters?

… and a generic or sci-fi version of an AK-47 (AK-74, AK-12?) would be fantastic, not?

As we say in French : “il y a encore du pain sur la planche” (there is still work to be done). No doubt.

Peter - October 24, 2021

Pleased to see the Egyptians now have a spearman set and an archer set. BUT without a chariot set they cannot make a wargame force. Metal chariots cost a fortune for the numbers needed for " hail caesar". No chariots no purchase! Can’t wait for production to speed up now your in U.S.A.

Y. Whateley - October 24, 2021

@David Phillips – LOL, yep, love kitbashing – I’ve weird taste in tabletop games,maybe! :)

My current projects are kitbashing some “Dead Man’s Hand” gunslingers with some Frostgrave wizard bits and some French Partisan bits for some home-brewed Weird West games (they’ll be gunfighting – and spellcasting – with some of Wargames Atlantic’s lizard-people!), and modifying Reaper Bones figures into DOOM monsters (Reaper’s Brain-in-a-Jar makes a great start on some DOOM arachnotrons, Reaper’s Ghasts make great imps, and Reaper’s IMEF space marine guys transform nicely into zombie marines, but I think I’ll replace them with zombie Cannon Fodder if they ever make it into stock past the shipping backup! And also, the teasers in the latest Wargames Atlantic newsletter for what look like some Cannon Fodder heavy weapons look like they’re going to be great for that project! I think I’ll soup up Stargrave rules for this tabletop DOOM skirmish game….)

For these Death Fields weapons sprues, I don’t know exactly what I’d use them for yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. The more I think of it, though, bashing them onto WA’s late Roman infantry to turn them into Death Fields Space Romans sounds like it would be a blast!

David Phillips - October 21, 2021

Mr. Y. Whateley here seems to be a fan of kitbashing. and Benjamin MacConnell yes those are bionic arms

Andrew - October 21, 2021

Someone said something about zombie and skeleton bits. Those would be amazing! With the addition of some spikey weapons and vampire parts, any army could instantly become an undead army.

Benjamin MacConnell - October 20, 2021

Are those bionic arms? Neat, if true.

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