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"Space Brits" Work in Progress

"Space Brits" Work in Progress

After the Cannon Fodder release this summer, our next faction for Death Fields are the "Space Brits" (name to be determined). Here's a shot of some of the parts we're working on.

There will be four bodies on the sprue with enough standard rifles and heads (with and without gasmasks) for all of them. 

We're not sure if we'll do shoulder pads, back packs, maybe epaulettes? Let us know your advice below!

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Andrew - June 21, 2021

What I find most interesting about this set is that it can be used to create historically accurate-looking models, but it has plenty of elements, like armor, uniform bits, swords, and other articles of anachronistic militaria that can be used to create a pulp-themed model. I have made both types of model with the Grognards set, and that’s what I’m hoping for with this set too. A pulpy, WW1-style model is what I’m hoping for the most. This looks great so far!

Shaun Gooch - June 20, 2021

Please guys!

Don’t be persuaded by the likes of Charles et al who are constantly wearing GW blinkers when it comes to anything sci-fi miniatures.

The last thing I want to see is a kit made up of pseudo GW proxies with versions of meltas , bolters etc for weapons.

Please keep your own unique take on these Sci-fi miniatures and build kits for your Deathfields and not some cheap 40k.

Perhaps, I’m bored of GW since having lived with it since the late 70’s and living in Nottingham. There certainly is such as a thing as Too Much!

Keep up the great work guys and will be buying these as is.

Also produce Crimean War British Grenadier Guards. Please.

William - June 20, 2021

Like many here, I think these guys need a little more Sci-Fi sprinkled on. Some body armor, maybe RD sights on the rifles and what not. Backpacks are a must have if you ask me. Save turbans for a Space India kit. I also hope for space Native Americans and Space Rangers down the line so I can represent Canada in space.

Jess - June 20, 2021

Definitely replace one of the flamethrowers with some kind of energy weapon option, though I don’t have any problem with the rifles, those look great.

And yeah, the bearskin hats don’t look the best, turbans, pith helmets or tam o’ shanters would give them so much more personality.

Allan - June 20, 2021

Absolutely fantastic!

Love the Space British!

Any chance of a few special weapons on the Sprue(s) – Grenade Launcher, plasma/Melta type guns?

Cannot wait to get them :)

Y. Whateley - June 20, 2021

I’m not really a Death Fields customer, but I actually rather like the quasi-historical style of these guys – as That One Guy that keeps raving about pulp gaming, I think I could definitely find a use for a box or two of these guys.

These uniforms look close enough to Jazz Age American soldiers that I can easily picture skirmish battles between these guys as a “Delta Green” squad against some Innsmouth fish-men, the WA lizard men, or other Lovecraftian horrors.

I’m sure the uniforms are “futuristic” enough that the experts might complain, but to me they look historical enough that I would gladly use them as WWI British to field against those Germans. I really like the pith helmets, too – these would make for some great “Space 1889” type space-British troops, and pulp colonial British soldiers.

I rather like the two futuristic flame-thrower bits: those look close enough to the equivalent from the ‘Alien’ movies, that I would gladly kitbash them onto some Cannon Fodder.

So, I’d be totally happy with these guys, as-is!

I think most of your customers would prefer more futuristic weapons, if the other comments are a hint, but if I could ask for anything more, it would be a wider selection of historical or quasi-historical weapons: a couple M1903 rifles and M1911 handguns, a couple different revolvers, a trench shotgun, a BAR, a Tommy gun…. I would also totally raid my stash of spare fantasy weapon bits for something to use for spiked clubs and trench knives for a couple melee fighters, but would also be happy to see something like those included in kit like this.

This, to me, looks like a great little kitbash-able set with a lot of versatility. I think it looks great!

Mike P - June 19, 2021

Im actually liking the Trench warfare style outfits you guys are going for. I agree with some of the comments mentioned above. Backpacks are a must. Also always love handy storage bits for extra ammo pouches or bandoleers with grenades/ shotgun shells. Instead of the double flame thrower it would be nice to see some sort of plasma gunner for their more futuristic vibe. The rifles and shotguns I really like for the trench style warfare these guys look like they could excel at. Shotguns didnt get the name trench guns from nowhere. I’d like to see being able to outfit the whole group with the Brodie helmet gas-mask heads. Id like see the chest be a little more body armored up, but not a deal breaker.

Ryan Arnone - June 19, 2021

Nice Abhumans proxies

Iain - June 19, 2021

If you decide to go for a more sci-fi look how about the rifle being based around an EM 2 look ? I would also go for a more Webley look on the pistol. Backpacks & belt kit would be good the 44 pattern helmet or para type a yes. Would the ammo pouches actually fit the mags for the weapons? I will be getting some regardless

Guy Chapman - June 19, 2021

Love them! Think they will be great for In Her Majesty’s Name!

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