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"Space Brits" Work in Progress

"Space Brits" Work in Progress

After the Cannon Fodder release this summer, our next faction for Death Fields are the "Space Brits" (name to be determined). Here's a shot of some of the parts we're working on.

There will be four bodies on the sprue with enough standard rifles and heads (with and without gasmasks) for all of them. 

We're not sure if we'll do shoulder pads, back packs, maybe epaulettes? Let us know your advice below!

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Ian Reiter - June 18, 2021

These look amazing, I’ll definitely be buying a set or two when they hit shelves.

Old Bill - June 18, 2021

Liking the look of these a LOT :) I could live without the bearskins, and would have preferred a beret option, but each to their own! Unlike some I love the “retro” feel of the Lewis and the Rifles, and who doesn’t like a trench gun with a RDS!!! Those pistols do indeed need holsters though! Great vibe to these, more splendid work from WGA :)

Alex Perez - June 18, 2021

Very cool set, no notes, looks fun

Paul - June 18, 2021

Is the head on the 2nd figure from the left fixed or has it just been montaged that way to show the look?

Slayer Dragonwing - June 18, 2021

I’ll copy my post from DakkaDakka:

Overall, I like the look, especially with the gas mask and brodie-style helmets. Combined with the shoulder pads it gives them a very “Warzone Imperial” look. I like the shoulder pads, but understand why other people wouldn’t.
I have to say, I’m not a fan of most of the weapons. I think the rifles and Lewis Guns need to have some more high-tech elements added to them, like the Grognards’. I also agree the sword would look a lot better and feel more “British” as a cavalry style saber. The pump shotgun seems really off to me, thought I’m having trouble putting my finger on why. I think that the central section seems too large compared to the barrel and stock, and puts the trigger in an awkward place. The piat, pistol, and flamethrowers are fine, but it seems really odd to me to have two styles of flamethrowers on the same sprue. Personally, I’d like to see a plasma/melta style weapon, and a sniper rifle or antitank rifle as replacements for the duplicate flamethrowers.
The firing effects for the different weapons are a neat touch, but I think that sprue space might be better used for weapon options or gear like entrenching tools.

DAVID A JENKINS - June 18, 2021

I like the bearskin heads. I also agree with others that Dragoon helmet heads would be interesting, and the weapons should be more futuristic looking. Body armor might be a good touch.

Ronald Russell - June 18, 2021

Like the pith helmets idea. How about a goggles/respirator/gas mask combination with a Dragoons/Hussar type headwear?

Xavier - June 18, 2021

I’ve already purchased Les Grognards box and it’s amazing… And now, I already know I will buy this box too…
Shoulder pads, definitively, and some Brody helmets with nets. And why not, berets heads, like the Red Devils paratroopers?
I agree regarding weapons design, a PIAT and some sci fi / cyberpunk details on the rifles.
Keep on, and why not, perhaps some vehicles someday?!

Kevin Allen - June 18, 2021

Here are my first thoughts:
Kneeling sculpt needs to be knee to the floor, not certain what this trooper is doing but its not a stable position to fire from.
Static body sculpts will not work for a firing line, consider reposing so they will.
Officer pistols in hand, but nowhere to store them, add holsters (suggest full with grips that can easily be cut away).
Hopefully rear of figure sculpts have somewhere to put those bayonettes & canteens?

Chris Evans - June 18, 2021

Mixed feelings about this set…bearskins not a fan of for the uniform. I think the MKV turtle helmet would be a better choice for the uniform and berets. Pith Helmet, again doesn’t really go with the uniforms patterned there.
Would have like to have seen larger front pouches on the webbing, similar to WWII/Korea issue.
Definitely should have gone with an SLR equivalent to the Lee Enfield.
Yeah I like the shotguns but the Lewis LMG…I would have looked at a grenade launcher or fusion gun similar to what you have done with the Grogenards.
No pistols or Close Combat weapon to represent squad/platoon commanders.
I appreciate their is a limited to what can be done with miniatures but perhaps the gasmask bag with the piping to the mask would look better in place.
It appears a lot of ideas have tried to be put into it but given how the other sets have come out, this it doesn’t come across well.

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