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"Space Brits" Work in Progress

"Space Brits" Work in Progress

After the Cannon Fodder release this summer, our next faction for Death Fields are the "Space Brits" (name to be determined). Here's a shot of some of the parts we're working on.

There will be four bodies on the sprue with enough standard rifles and heads (with and without gasmasks) for all of them. 

We're not sure if we'll do shoulder pads, back packs, maybe epaulettes? Let us know your advice below!

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Felix Gonzalez - June 19, 2021

Wow, I will be looking forward to this build or sculpture, as it is. How about considering the Japanese space force, with gas masks. I think that they would be awesome as are the “Space Brits”, love the idea and where it can lead.
You guys ROCK….. :)

Adam - June 19, 2021

Thinking about the guns more, I definitely think the two flamethrowers should either be combined into one, or have one made into more of a high tech plasma/energy weapon.

Also for a slightly more high tech weapon option, that keeps with the Britishness while being a bit more grounded, a weapon based on the modern British SA80 would look great and be rather more unique than most ‘futuristic’ weapons tend to be.

mike - June 19, 2021

backpacks are a must have please

Matt - June 18, 2021

I think these Look great , love the shoulder armour but more high tech weaponry look but overall I love these , a more officer vibe type would be great , but i think the heads look great , will be getting many of these if it sticks to this general look. Great work !

Charles - June 18, 2021

Eh… doesn’t look futuristic enough. Heck, it barely looks like the rest of the death field’s range, because of A. outside of Cannon Fodder all the factions have body armor that is at least a chest piece and a helmet. B. the weapons look a little too historical, with no signs of plasmas, meltas, or any decent grenade launchers, even coming with options that the other factions don’t even have such as the HMG, rocket launcher, etc. C. I know you guys did bearskins for Grognards and it works (kinda), but I can’t find a use for these hats outside of an elite guard.

Speaking of which, I would recommend leaving the epaulets for the command and heavy weapons squad (when you get to that for the other factions since the Grognards are the only ones who have said options). Like the others have said here, add some futuristic aesthetics to your weapons so they look like something from the future. I would also recommend armoring them up a bit just so they don’t get mistaken for the cannon fodder.

Otherwise, you guys are doing good. Would rather buy your range for Warhammer’s Imperial guard than the new Cadians.

Kevin Scrivner - June 18, 2021

Turn any shoulder pads into rigid swivel mounts for compact energy weapons? If they’re wearing space armor they will already have the structural support for such things. That would also free the troops’ hands for scary-looking high tech melee weapons and/or shields.

hüth - June 18, 2021

If you’re going for a “WWI in space” vibe maybe you could add more patches of cloth or cloaks, jury-rigged melee weapons with the backpacks, and lots of prosthetic arms/legs/faces.

Brooks L Flugaur-Leavitt - June 18, 2021

Liking the relatively low-tech look. I’d say skip shoulder pads, as the figures have no other armor. Backpacks much preferred, or more space-Commonwealth head options (turbans, tam-o-shanters, etc.).

Tony D - June 18, 2021

Overall OK. Seem too WW1 overall, especially the obvious Enfield rifle and Lewis MG. They need to be a little more futuristic. Better and more sci-fi looking weapons and uniform would make the set a hit.

JB - June 18, 2021

Nice kit. I’m in.

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