Warring States Infantry

  • These guys look great!

  • Yes, the sprue looks perfect. I can't wait to see how they stack up with my WatchfulEye studio minis.

  • There are practically no good sets for playing "Cathay" or anything of the sort. These boxes are sorely needed

  • @Big Boi Honestly, pretty sure Cathay is least important reason to get these guy done right now (from what I have seen WFB redo plan is dying in the womb, long live KOW and 9th Age😆).

    More importantly is that it is one of the common army lists in Ancient wargaming rule sets and big opportunity to pull people like me into history gaming who are not really that interested in the rather over hyped Hellenist cultures and other European “civilizations” beyond fantasy kitbashing at best. Frankly, tech wise the Chinese were more like an early HYW Medieval army with Chariots, horse archers and troops that actually had formational combat training meaning they would be an awesome army to collect and play.

     Also they make a better thematic alternative for general generic fantasy human army lists overall not just for WFB I mean KOW, 9th age, Rampent, older rule sets,etc.  than most other Ancient world options as far as the infantry goes (halberds, crossbows, swordsmen, spears, archers, all in one army that isn’t Medieval European? Yes please).  


  • I did my part today. Trying to make a chinese (cathay) themed tomb kings army, and these warring states miniatures would be great for bulking out the army. 

  • Whelp, bought $75 worth of Warring States Chinese votes now that I have the money to do so. 

  • Can't wait to make yet more Hobgoblin infantry out of these fellas. And the heads will be super useful for converting Bolt Action Chinese troops. Glad to see these so clearly in the lead.

  • @Kendall Atcliffe Hmm, I don't know if the heads would work for Boltaction... maybe if you trimmed the top knot off.

    That said terrcota warrior heads would be okay scenery too.

  • Late Warring States helmets were made from rawhide or iron lamellar made from small lames, the current proposed helmets(17-22) were mostly found during the bronze age.  Modern reconstruction

    Limestone helmets found in Qin Shihuang's burial pits.

    Two helmets found in the Yanxiadu site. 


  • @Small Hat I think they may have had both at the the same time as those helmets you are showing are often seen as cavalry helmets and some argue China never left the bronze age due to thier continued use of the metal alongside iron and steel for tool use. Also we are talking several post Zhou nations here not unified China.

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