Venetian Army/Crusader Color Schemes

  • So here's the thing. I was originally planning on making my upcoming Damned miniatures look like lost astronauts from the cold depths of space..... until recently when I realized they wouldn't really fit the look even if I slapped canon fodder heads on them. So I came up with another idea for my evil army of space cultists....


    No offence to anybody who may be from Venice, but I've been thinking about the fourth crusade recently. Honestly part of it comes from my trying to figure out how to explain to my mom that there will be a shipment of 10 boxes and LOTS of sprues that will probably start shipping in April and that I DO intend on selling off a majority of the box contents (the free sprues I will be more protective of because I want to see if I can make a lot of guardsmen with them...... though I MAY have to sell off the harvesters sprue.... and a good chunk of those cannon fodder sprues.)

    Anyhoos, back to Venice because I can complain about my great mistake of pledging for more than I can handle later.

    I chose Venice because it would probably be easier to point down as an evil space crusader force that isn't just the Templar color scheme. Why would Venice count as evil? Because of what they and the French did to the Byzantine empire with the sacking and the conquering. Problem is that finding historical depictions of their heraldry and uniform colors IN COLOR proved to be a pain.

    So, if Venice proves to be a bust, I really need some help coming up with a crusaders in space color scheme (my mom and I both think the crusades were a moral disaster and a half, and since I've managed to convince her into letting me at least do medieval terrain for 40k, I'm hoping that telling her that I plan to paint the Damned as Evil Space Crusaders would sound appealing to her.)

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