Sprue Sizes

  • I'm curious, what sizes of Sprues are Wargames Atlantic using now, and are there other potential options down the line? I've seen Full Sprue kits, half sprue kits, and the head sprues, but what sizes are they for anyone looking to get things done?

  • The actual frames are about the same size as warlord or fireforge frames, or older gw frames flr that matter. I'd look at individual product pages however,  but they are sized to fit in the same size box across most of their lineup. Without measuring, 6"*8". And if I misunderstood the question,  the scale is right there on each kit at 28mm for most ranges

  • Sounds about right.

  • @Thomas Brewer more that if you look at sets like the Afghans, and compare it to say the Grognards, there are a bunch of different sizes of sprue. Curious as to how many options there could be, if someone could do something with a small one

  • @Miyuso Actually I am pretty sure both the Afgahns and grognards infantry sets have the same sized half sprues once you take the model parts off. Cav might be a diffrent story.

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