Building Cannon Fodder

  • Hi All, I'm part-way through painting my Cannon Fodder kit and I'm really enjoying this kit, how is everyone else finding the kit? And are you using them as "Conscripts" or something else?

  • Had to pause to buy some flow-aid for the lighter colors but here they are with a Guardsman, apart from the feet size they fit in great 🤠

    Cannon Fodder

  • I'm using them as general infantry, with raumjager stormtroopers. :) Lizardmen, spiders, bird people etc. will also fill different roles :)

    I made a topic about them in the painting area.

  • @András Csaba Horváth Very nice! 👍

  • @Glorious Grunt 

    Nice to see the size comparison.  Thanks!

  • @JTam no worries! Here are a couple more



  • Nice!  Thanks.  Appreciate the text added to the picture - makes things much clearer and after you save the picture for reference you know what you are looking at.  

  • @Glorious Grunt thanks :)

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