Reptilian Overlords section in this forum?

  • Now that the set has been officially announced, will we get an official subsection to discuss it and furture RO sets?

  • @William Redford 

    According to WGA statement ("We will be working with them to bring versions of their fantastic model sets from resin and STL file formats to on-the-sprue hard plastic.") and RO website: SN officers, heavy weapons... and more not-GW related stuff like not-vahallans, not-ogryns, not-praetorians and so forth.

    I am a bit wondering about such a release since the market is already (over)saturated with almost the same productions from another -small- manufacturers. 🤔 But I could be wrong about ... 

    Any chance to know if one clever converter is going to be able to mix elements from RO and casual WGA products like Cannon Fooders or the upcoming Ohhh Rahhs? 

  • @Steven StGeorges I am wonder what the scale on these is. There are 4 to a sprue and only 20 to a box at a higher price than normal WA stuff. So... does that mean they are larger (more 40K scale). I am actually picturing these guys as Necfromunda Goliath size... but have no idea.

    I am not a scifi gamer for teh most part, but this release, cannon fodder , cannon fodder 2 and the OOh Rah have me reconsidering as I have been excited about all of it. 

    I may just wait though and get a sprue of these gusy from @Lord Marcus  

    If we do get more Reptilian Overlords stuff, I want some of their not sisters of battle (sisters coven) sets in plastic. 

  • All set!

  • @Hudson Adams 

    All of them? 😲

    Sounds like that very moment of Doctor Who mythos


  • @William Redford 

    Their Not-Sisters and their Not-Heretics seems quite interesting models ... but I would like to know their size compared to WGA productions and IF we could mix them with bits from other sets. 

  • @Steven StGeorges no idea I haven't compared them yet

  • Woot!


  • I expect most of the liability here is with Reptilian Overlords. WGA are probably operating in Renedra mode - just manufacturing other people's projects. WGA will stock it and sell it, but any market saturation concerns are with RO. 

    As far as scale goes... any chance 40K proxy lines are NOT the same size as their GW originals is pretty much nil.

  • I did some science and I reckon they're 28mm to the eyes, 32mm total, on 32mm bases.

  • I wasn't really familiar with RO previously but having now had a look at their range, I would be interested in their feudal guard models for an inquisition-themed army. Spacenam seems okay too, though I'd be more interested in using them as orcs or bruiser aliens rather than Catachan types.

  • I`ll pass on, making direct comments, other than a, they look nice, untill a good scale comparision comes along, if they match the Hu -Rahs, maybe, other wise "NO" . Muscles are no good, if they`re out of scale,  theres several games I could use them for if they get a gold star. 

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    They could be used as ... another DF team for instance. Wait and see my friend 

  • @Steven StGeorges I think @Geoff Maybury is just concerned with the scale. I actually like them more if they are in the big side, but understand that the vast majority will probably want them more compatible with death fields sizes. 

  • @Steven StGeorges @William Redford Yes thats the only fly in the ointment if only scale didn`t jump about. Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2020, as vats and heavy cyber, but as no Troll and Orc modern heads are around, size will matter mixed with my other figures, Really looking forward to comparison  shots, scale will mean 1/ O, or several.

  • @William Redford

    Oh my... that's my point, but maybe some models could be converted into Space Gnolls (if Northstar bits can be used to do so) or .. some kind of Mutants (like our Humble Gnomish Friend said above), Space Orks (with heads from Oathmark upcoming Orc Brigade set maybe) or Brood Brothers/Heretics (with GW or FG Cultists or any other interesting Northstar set)

    @Geoff Maybury 

    As GW Proxies, they should be more or less as tall as any other GW IG current models to my mind. But, like El Guillermo said above, turning them into Necromunda Goliaths is another way to use them.  

  • @Steven StGeorges @Hudson Adams

    Actually there was post on the FB group back in I think 2020 or 2021 with RO heads on either the Ruamjagers or Grogs so we already know their heads should be compatible if RO did any quality control when sculpting proportions digitially  which is half battle (arms are the second part).

    Then again those heads where not the spacenam heads.

    As to matching up, given we are talking "heroic scale" height differences are not really an issue, particularly with SciFi since different gravity levels happen.

  • @Steven StGeorges This old fossile is lost son, Goliaths ? I`ve never been a GW fan or brought there products. Not since they first opened. and sold Traveler, and D and D, Aftermath,etc. Then they lied that these games were no longer made, and only sold there own products. Nearly 10/12 months later, when a Virgin Mega store opened up in Birmingham and we found the truth. That did it for me truth, and a good custumer base mattered. Be sides there are nicer companies out there than GW  as they have proved, great models, top designs, Priced by out of the hat marketing. If i buy WG now it`s a secondhand product brought with the heart at a bring and buy. 

  • @Geoff Maybury basicaally gene enhanced gang members. 

  • @William Redford Thanks Bill, nice to know even if you don`t buy, I`m very much in love with GW`s aquatic items,I think it will be along while till these hit second hand, Design and style are magnificent but OTT prices, no wonder the founders, are multi million aires living in Jerrsy.

    How `s your take on the bugs, I`ve an inkling to use them as parasites on a larger creature like in "Cloverfield", not sure how to work it, but the idea as been ratalling around this old brain box. 

    Testing Skitters  for Fall Skies at the moment, 3/4 fine, then you find it harder for parts. Not greedy but 25/ 40 would be prefect.

     Take care my friend.

  • @Geoff Maybury I quite liked the Skitters from Falling Skies.

  • @Grumpy GnomeDo you remember the Alien Race produced by Defience games, well I`m using those as the main Head and chest parts. Toying around with a Milliput mold lower body, and Starfish feet of Milliput as theres 6 legs. The hand arms, I`ve cut the weapons of the spiders, they don`t quite look right. So they`re pinned only, they`d have to be Milly cast any way, as quantity, i may look at "Black Cats", Arms listings. So pleased with most of it, I don`t want to spoil it with second best. I`ll post some  pic`s, Heads and chests are the biz. All the best pal. Geoff . PS give Mrs GG and little un our love "Night"    

  • Any updates when the squads are being shipped out, in particular to Australia?

    I need them to fight off some crazy creatures terrorising the land downunder.

  • Would love to see some size comparison shots against other models. I have some ideas for these ones, but they won't work if they're too small.

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