Space Paras

  • Nearly done. The Ultraviolet Berets just need flocking and a few tweaks (as usual, eyes are my nemesis. I also haven't worked out their shoulder patch design - black circle with a violet rim, but what to put inside?)

  • @Mark Dewis 

  • Or a simple design like this:

    As a nod to their heritage... When their forefathers deployed by parachute instead of grav suspensors.

    The 101st still wears the glider/airborne cap badge  as a nod to the past while currently being an Air Assault (helicopter mobile) Division.

  • I've been calling them "space paras", but they're really just meant to be a mercenary unit to show up in Traveller games. The "Ultraviolet Berets" nickname is going to stick, thus the purple and black trim. 

    Probably going to go with a purple skull, tbh.

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