Tears of Envy's completely random hobby thread

  • Hi all!

    First time posting on this forum. Loving the WGA Digital Tribe. This thread if for my various 'hobby butterfly' projects which will cover many of the ranges.

    First up is my little Aztec warband. I was so excited when WGA released their box of plastics as I'd always wanted a super-colourful Central American collection. You'll see there are some upgrade parts which are not  the WGA Digital ones. I sculpted these in ZBrush and printed them before they released their upgrades (which proves that Great Minds Think Alike!).


    Aztec warband

  • @Tears of EnvyWelcome to the forum. Nice figures painted and photogaphed to a perfection. Love the lighting affect, figures look very vibrant.

  • @Geoff Maybury big thanks! More to come.

  • Welcome!

    They look wonderful indeed. The colour gradient on the "umbrella" is amazing.

  • @Berggeit Thank you! Life is not complete without a fancy war-umbrella!

  • Next up is a kitbash combining The Damned and Cannon Fodder Civilians. He's an explorer/investigator in my Chernobyl/S.T.A.L.K.E.R-esque setting.

  • @Tears of Envy perfect for some post apocaliptic/Star wars explorer of lost technology. 3D printing is really revolutioning our hobby!

  • @Tears of Envy 

    Super clean painting on the Aztecs.

    The cape on the post-apoc figure is amazing.

    Thanks for posting these!

  • @Tears of Envy

    @Padomay Have you thought of submitting your aztecsto the Historicals spring painting contest? The quality absolutely nuts, and the photography is amazing - I would bet a winner in the making.

    As someone that started getting within the mini photography side of the hobby as of late, your lightbox magic and display stand careful selection shows! ;-)

  • @antonio_tarruell Thank you so much! Yes I was planning to enter, but not sure which minis to submit. I'm sure I'll make a decision soon.

  • Next up is a nurse who is going to shoot you before patching you up.


  • You should definitely upload these to the MyMiniFactory pages too!

  • More WIPs of random stuff. I do like the robot fellow, who is nicely chonky while also feeling like he could be fast on his feet.

  • @Tears of Envy Love the Robot particulary the arms with no weapons. Make a nice change to see an unarmed mech, nice nutural paint tones show all of its details. Cheers Geoff.

  • I got the robot done for a game of Stargrave recently. Happily he avoided total destruction. Here he is in all his finished glory, along with a sidekick.

  • @Tears of Envy The robot is very intriguing, also the "sidekick" (a femdroid?), and the painted bases are very good, where did you found them?

  • @Alessio De Carolis Thank you! Well, she's a Codebreaker in my Stargrave crew, so I imagine her as some kind of stylish hacker character. The bases are just regular Citaden 25mm round bases and I used Posca markers for the graffiti and Alien Tufts grass for the crazy foliage.

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