Future of the still locked Damned models?

  • With the Damned campaign coming to an end (I actually made my first pledge in order to get bases, Einjerjar, Bulldogs, and Ooh Rah to go against my Damned Infantry and Female infantry and dogs) I wonder what will become of the promised units that didn't get unlocked yet like the heavy infantry or the vehicle. I really wanted to see what Power Armored Damned would look like. But my really big wish was the campaign making it to the heavy infantry.

    Hopefully one day WGA will be able to do a Damned wave 2 to unlock the rest of the stuff if it proves popular enough. Aside from all that. I am really excited for what has already been unlocked..... even though I got the most basic options of the damned (both genders of infantry and doggos, though that mutation sprue would have been nice). But what I am really excited for is that I got some death fields models that I've been wishlisting for a long time.

  • Given our current clip with 32 hours to go we may well unlock quite a bit more!

  • TBH I'd love to see other KS for other factions! Damned are great and I didn't expect to pledge as much as I did, but I'd love a bump to other factions. It would make them more attractive and increase worth of the infantry sets (Biased, but especially Einharjar - there's only this very set that has non-heroic, non-chibi sci-fi dwarves in the market I like!)

  • @Drangir I know right. This is literally the first time I made a pledge to a KS. It was those free sprues that ultimately made my decision. Boy am I going to have troube finding space for three boxes AND a bunch of sprues.

  • Ooooh!!!!! We just made $230,000 when should I expect to get an extra free sprue?

  • @Drangir The Einharjar are heroic scale, just aren't GW and Mantic sculpts (though many really wanted them to be like the former🤣).

  • @Hudson Adams Hey, ummm...... apparently for some reason whenever I try to change the free sprue option from a base to a sprue it always reverts to a base even if I try to edit the pledge. Any idea what's going on?

  • @Brian Van De Walker Sorry if it was unclear. Technically, yeah, but it's not a hard differentiation. Ein~ are stylised and proportioned for wargaming, but they're also held back in general proportion ratios and gear. 80% of sci-fi dwarves I found have EPIC weapons, massive armour etc. and athletic/strongmen anatomy that in no way fit honest, efficient gear of WA equivalent! I don't think I've found any set that would accompany them properly. Maaaybe the Necromunda miners, but I'm not convinced yet. I'm stuck until we get the Command set from WA :C

  • @Drangir Yeah, hopefully with the success of this campaign, which seems to be just this close to unlocking Heavy Infantry (I hope), we'll see more GameFound campaigns for Death Fields amd other ranges. I mean the Damned were originally an STL army for Atlantic Digital. So if they can see a massive expansion to their range, then so can others.

  • @Charles Tottington And a lot of infantry sets would be much more valuable and interesting with accompanying support sets. Doh, the only army with HQ module is in their bestseller! I'd also be more prone to order a few boxes directly from producers.

  • We made it to the next benchmark!

  • @Drangir Yeah, we've got so many ranges that can be expanded upon. So far on Vox Populi the one set being closest to 1,000 is the Cannon Fodder Heavy Weapons and Command set.

  • So pretty much everything got unlocked in the last couple of hours except the mutation sprue and power armor. Right now I can't edit the pledge anymore and could not garb the trucks fast enough, oh woe is me 😆 (that said I am pretty happy with my pledge where it's at for now, 4 boxes of 24 infantry plus hounds and if does fix I plan to just add boxes, upgrade, or add a late pledge later if they have that option just for the trucks).  

  • @Brian Van De Walker Yeah I'm wanting a late pledge for the trucks as well.

  • I didn't have a chance to change my 10 boxes around after the Gene Warriors unlocked, so I'll be awaiting the manager to switch things around. 

  • @Miyuso Yeah I'm wondering when the pledge manager will unlock as well.

  • I hope they'll find resources to do the mutation sprue. I'm not personally interested, but there's a void of such upgrade sprues in the market aside necromunda packs and bits sellers. Death fields is perfect range for customisation!

  • Oh, and then there was the recon set, that and the power armor never really got preveiwed. 

  • I guess they will land on backburner and we will see wave 2.0 or something like that they do with other lines.

  • @Brian Van De Walker Yeah I was really interested in the power armor. What would Damned Power Armor even look like?

  • Still waiting for the pledge manager.

  • @Charles Tottington There's a LOT of choices


    naturally we had to consider the eventual materials' degradation, given the enviroment where they live.

  • @Alessio De Carolis @Charles Tottington  My guess is realisticly they would look like ruffed up extra clunky space suits or the civilian astroid miner equavlent power armor from either Starshiptrooper or the Sand Wars Books. ie something like this thing but with power tools and maybe makeshift range weapons:


  • @Brian Van De Walker That looks so cool!


    Hopefully the pledge manager will unlock soon so I can manage the stuff I'm going to get.

  • @Charles Tottington Yeah I believe thats a 1/1 scale model of Starship troopers the anime OVA (which will likely never see this US shores in a legal format 😆).

    There was also talk of a second vehicale. My guess is a proxy for either the sentinal or rhino.

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