Stargrave Kitbashing

  • Of course a hobbyist needs more than one project and after spending most of my hobby time in the damned city of Mordheim, I decided to focus on something sci-fi. 

    I had a box of Ooh Rah's and a lot of bits from the Ironcore Stormtroopers laying around and thought about mixing them with the Stargrave kits. 

    The first figure I came up with is a support gunner. He will be part of my son's law enforcement crew which polices this sector.

    The head and body are from the Ooh Rah kit, the backpack is from the Stormtroopers kit and the arms are from the stargrave troopers kit.


  • But I quickly got carried away with my Crew.... the scum and villainy... the pirates plagueing this part of space. 

    I combined a lot of bits for this guys. Ironcore Stormtroopers, Imperial Guard, Tau, Stargrave Troopers and Mercenaries, Pig Iron production....

    Here's the crew. They look ragtag which I really like.

  • The Captain.

    Stargrave body and arms, 40k Tau helmet and a ironcore pointing hand. On the back he also has some german ww2 pouches

  • These are looking GREAT... look forward to seeing more 😍

  • Pirate Henchman.

    Stargrave body and arms. Ironcore head and various british and german ww2 pouches

  • The Doc.

    Stargrave body and arms. Pig Iron head, 40k Guard medic suitcase as backpack

  • The heavy.

    Stargrave body and arms,  40k Tempestus scions head, Tau shoulder pad as body armor, Ironcore drummags, various ww2 pouches (some used to toughen up the shoulder straps)

  • The butcher.

    Stargrave body and arms,  40k tempestus scions head, 40k death korps breastplate and a frostgrave demons collar. As always various ww2 pouches

  • Skinny.

    Stargrave female body and arms, the head is a mix of a stargrave helmet and the optics from the ironcore Stormtroopers. Of course ww2 pouches

  • Pirate henchman.

    Stargrave body and arms,  40k tempestus scions head and some ww2 pouches 

  • The scout.

    Stargrave female body and arms, 40k Tau head and again ww2 pouches

  • The Sniper.

    Stargrave body and arms, 40k tempestus scions head and some ww2 pouches

  • Infantry Drone.

    40k Tau body and arms, Ironcore rifle, ww2 pouches and head from a 15mm white dragon miniatures mech

  • @Bill Thomas thanks mate. I'll keep the pictures coming

  • Meet the "Yellowjackets". The crew of the "Vespid Queen" under command of Cpt. Isaac "Hornet" Andrews




  • @Andreas Mayrhofer Great colour scheme. Simple yet highly effective. Nice work!

  • It seems that you got a great conversions' ideas, all these ones are great, now perhaps you should try some regulars/security forces to deal with these pirates. Expecially the Tau's helmets are impressive how well they fit on these figures.👍

  • @Alessio De Carolis the sector security forces are already in the making. Updates will follow soon

  • Today I finished the second half of the "Yellowjackets"

    And here's the whole crew

    Only basing and matt varnish left to do. Maybe I'll base them together with the upcoming Security Forces


  • Here the Tactical Law Enforcement Element

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer The Ooh Rha's bodies are perfect with Stargrave's arms & weapons, I hope that WGA will make an HW section, just to give'm an heavier punch. You could add some shoulders & arms' armour with plasticard or GS, just to give them a more "hard sci-fi" look.👍

  • Some Space Police in the making

    Also I had this broken mouse laying around, so the Yellowjackets officially own a Walker now.

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer this is ALL KINDS of AWESOME 😍



    I didn't really know what to do with the rest of the Ooh Rah parts so I came up with the sci fi version of a German WW2 Paratrooper. 

    He is made almost completely from Ooh Rah parts, only the head is a stargrave head which looks like the old german para helmet. I painted this guy inspired by the WW2 Fallschirmjäger uniform.

    Now I feel the urge to build a Squad around him....

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer make it so 😍

  • Today I came up with some Ideas for the Ooh Rah bodies:

    This guy is an alien Guerilla made with the Ooh Rah arms and body. I changed the standard rifle with an Ironcore Stormtroopers rifle and gave him a stargrave alien head. As always some pouches and bits were added.

    Then I thought of some Sci-Fi medieval Men-at-Arms...

    As I only had Ironcore arms and legs from the last box, I chopped the legs of the Ooh Rah bodies and combined the parts. The heads are perry HYW plastics as the swords are too. Some pouches and backpacks and we have two "Kriegsknechte"

  • Well done, given that, after all, most WWI's helmets were inspired by medieval ones. Their look has an old "Flash Gordon" feeling, I remember that odd mix of ancient & modern that had the original comic.

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