Comparison Shot and Sneak Peek all in one!

  • @Dalton McCormick Perhaps the heads could include an undead-robot style in among the animal-heads. They might make for some nice not-crons. 

  • I just want some non-gw aliens and some robots.  Heck even some non bi-pedal aliens like a blob race or something.

    I also love the add-on sprue SKU.  Hopefully it will sell well enough to warrant follow up ones, so much kitbash potential and variations with that.

  • @Spudman4

    Well, they do have Spiders with blasters and Lizardmen with AK knockoffs, but wouldn't something like greys, crustaceans or centaurs be better? While I can see  blobs with weapons being a thing in SciFi even in harder scifi, I don't know if they are a good plastic kit subject, I mean wouldn't they be too easy to make with a blob of greenstuff and parts? 

    I am actually hoping they do the Iron Core aliens since those where really non-GW.

  • @Brian Van De Walker I agree, blobs were just kind of the first thing that popped into my mind so probably not the best example lol.

    I just want to see different, not the same'ol rehashed space elves/orcs/goblins.

  • Stealing this idea from another thread:

    @Brian Van De Walker "...I could see a female set that is just this last category being done as Amazons with their own spellcaster and archers poses plus stuff to use for VSF and/or Post Apoc..."

    I'm betting there might be more than one gamer out there who thinks that post-apoc "Space Amazons" - with fantasy/"historical" weapons etc. - sounds like it could be a great Death Fields faction that could double as Classic Fantasy as well.

  • How about some open handed ships or weapons crewmen? With a choice of heads that would make them equally at home on a deathstar, Ether ship or something Grimdark. 

  • I think Command/Heavy Weapon kits for The Giant Spiders and Lizardmen with an excess of gear to help flesh out the current kits would be great.

    Maybe another classic fantasy race made from ancient warriors. Greek space Mer-Men or Space Elf Celts. Like the longer teams are around, the more likely they are to have been modified.

    Filling out the main WW2 participants with a Japanese team ( Unification Wars-WW2), Italians (Renaissance-WW2), U.S.A (Civil War-WW2), maybe even a Canadian/Native American kit.

    But I think the safest thing to do would be to solidify the factions you guys already have with more command and heavy weapon kits and maybe cavalry or light viechles. Heavy Troops for each faction are another option I think would prove popular.

    I like the idea of recreating historical battles in space. I have plans to make Waterloo in Space. And with so.e of the kits I have suggested quite a few human historic events can be recreated for their Alien Overlords. Nations that have had large Civil Wars are de facto two in one kits.

  • The obvious to me, that many have mentioned, is of course the russian theme. Based on the WW1 or WW2 russian/soviets with a dash of AK47. Since I do enjoy the Hoth idea, I do also think that the winter uniforms are the way to go.

    What could also work well is to make the russians Naval Infantry(yes, I know that I am nagging about this), but I think winter uniforms are better for Death Fields. But I do also happen to think that some kind of naval infandry would be neat, and useful. More based on the 19th century sailors look than 20th century Marines. Classic sailors with guns, but in space.

    And also a desert themed box, maybe arab style or perhaps more of an "maybe alien" style like Tusken Raiders(in other words, humanoid but you cant see anything of their body due to all the clothes that protect from the sun). Grognards in a Foreign Legion style works very fine, but a box that seem to be more of natives to the desert would be fabulous!

    In other words, I think ot would be nice to try to cover different environments as a main goal, rather than certain nations/eras in the models. But can you manage both, that would be splendid!

    This is just a list of what I would like to see at this moment, and what I think would fit the kind of army I want to build right now. This does not mean that I do not understand that others might love exo-skeletons, robots and xenos. And I might too in a while, since I really see that some ideas are really cool. But "that is cool" is not the same thing as "what I would want, and would buy".

    So my belated christmas list is the following

    1. Winter troops, preferably russian based

    2. Naval infantry, preferable "sailor" based

    3. Desert troops, preferable native to the desert, and not colonial(colonials are already covered by the Grognards for me)

    I was thinking of some kind of jungle troops, but I have a feeling that kitbashing Raumjäger and Cannon Fodder might have what I want for a "rebels on Endor" kind of look. So I will have to try that first.

  • How about cyborg Highlanders?

    You could call them "The Immortals", with the flavour being that they've been blown up and rebuilt so many times that they're barely human, so they could be the equivalent of an undead or Necron style faction.

    There's a lot of different historical periods you could go for as well, from Celtic through to medieval to modern day

    Other than that maybe space pirates, as in sci fi buccaneers.


  • @Hudson Adams 

    All female Soviets in Space! with overcoats.

    "Serzhant Rokossovsky battled through the knee deep snow to her gun position.  "Davai! Davai!" she exhorted her squad.  The strange lights in the sky didn't look like any Luftwaffe attack she had seen before, but they would be ready for whatever the Hitlerites had this time."

    This "Team" is an all female RKKA (Red Army) unit sucked into space in 1944.

    Excellent CCCP classic "The Dawns Here Are Quite."

    The 2015 remake:

    Team would have an heavy emphasis on long range precision fires so should include long barrel scoped laser rifles on the sprue.  

    Should also have compact laser weapons feed by drum mags.

    I feel like the space AK is slightly played out, but perhaps hints of it on their standard laser rifle in the form of a curved magazine and under folder stock.  So basically a Cannon Fodder laser rifle with wire under folder and "banana" mag.

    Needs a couple swords of course, but also shovels for melee weapons.  It's just not a Russian war movie if a Soviet Soldier isn't killing somebody with a shovel.

  • Ushankas for rank and file:

    Alternate Kubanka heads, maybe for the NCOs:

    Papakhas for the Officers:

    Any bareheads should look like this:



  • Alternate/Bonus heads:

    Ushankas with gas masks.

    Tank helmet heads to convert tank/vehicle crews for the team.

    Screenshot from here:

    (Safe for work.  Unless your coworkers speak Russian.  Easily the most Russian music video of 2021).




  • This team may or may not have a caddish Commisar who hangs about constantly drinking tea.

  • Raumjager Corporal Gruber exhaled tiredly, watching his breath mist.  Was there movement to his front?  Gruber tensed.   No.  Maybe not.  He breathed again.

    The only sound was the low idlying of the lascannon Kettenkrad concealed in the wood line to their right.  The operator had to start the engine periodically so the engine wouldn't freeze up.  

    Trooper Heinrech leaned over to whisper "I hate the damn cold, this is the Ost Front all over again."  Corporal Gruber nodded.  "Yah, this is scheisse."  He clenched his half frozen hands.  "Complete and utter scheisse.  I miss Afrika.  I miss the rains down in Afrika."

    Just then the silence was broken by an avalanche of sound and a long, eerie, and feminine "Urrrraaaah!" from hundreds of throats.  "Mein Gott" said Gruber, "It's Ivan then."  

  • @JTam

    Hmmm, I don't know. Personally I think they should either do earlier Cossacks or more 1980's Afghan Soviet War for Death field Russians, particularly since they will be doing WW2 style space Russians in the form of the Commonwealth at some point for the Iron Core line (which frankly should all be added as alternate setting and/or additional teams for the death field rules) and they will likely do a female unite for them at that time.

    Also I get the feeling doing a soviet themed upgrade sprue for the Female Cannon Fodder would get the job done better than a full set (ie all the guns and heads you could want)

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    The Iron Core concept sketches look a lot like the Afghanki you are looking for.  "Summer" uniforms, body armor, and lifchiks (chest rigs).

    (Soviet troops having a great time spreading international communism to the workers of Afghanistan).

    Female space Soviets in Space! would differ by being 1.  In greatcoats.  2.  In Ushankas not ushanka shaped helmets.  3. Not male.


  • @JTam I must how ever protest. There is no way that Hubert Gruber is a Corporal, he is a Oberleutnant and drives a little tank.

  • @Sam Bellamy 

    Ah, I forgot about Oberleutnant Gruber.  

    I confess I was just going with the first super German sounding name that came to mind.  I further confess that I somehow haven't watched all of Allo Allo yet.  Shameful I know.

    It's on the agenda.  After I watch Four Tankmen and a Dog.

    Watch/listen to this short video.  It will make your life better.  I promise.


  • Reference weapons for Soviets in Space!

    There are some features that are shorthand for Soviet weapons:

    Underfolder / overfolder stocks.

    RPK style buttstock.

    PKM style stocks.

    Dragunov style stocks.

    Long and curved "banana" magazines.





    Giant side mounted night vision scopes.

    Side mounted scopes in general.  (99% of modern Western optics are mounted directly over the centerline of the weapon.  Soviet/Russian/Eastern block optics are often offset to the left, and often mounted higher).

    The 1P63 is one of the most sci-fi looking optics in current use out there -

  • For any Russian/Soviet inspired Death Fields team, it might be worth looking at some of the more sci-fi Soviet weapons prototypes:

  • Space Samurai would be excellent. I also dream about faction with robed bodies (in Dark Angels style). And more monsters, of course.

  • @JTam  Have you deliberately been posting a lot of very attractive Russian women in military uniforms or is that purely accidental? lol 

  • The military factions are good, but I think a faction or two that could pull on the cyberpunk/ganger/post-apocalyptic aesthetic would be warranted as well.  It could take advantage of some of the skirmish systems (such as cyberpunk red or necromunda) and would make another horde unit alternative to the cannon fodder.

    The different aesthetic would also stand out compared to the current line up with lots of skin and cyborg parts.

    If you're stuck looking for historical warriors that could share that aesthetic, you could do cyborg versions of Eastern Woodlands Native American tribes (Mohawk, Iroqouis, Wampanoag, Shawnee, etc)

    This guy with a flack jacket, pulse rifle, and cybernetic arm would be terrifying:

    or this guy with a warclub and one handed smg:

    They'd be great rivals for the Einherjar!


  • @Forrest Wentworth 

    Would they have optional furs with mutant rat/wolf heads by any chance?

  • @JTam Heck yeah, I was thinking cyber eagle or wolf drones, but mutant animal head dresses would be awesome.

  • Demon worshiping cultists/renegade militia.  Pls and thank ;)

  • I think some DF guys inspired by Yugoslav troops would be neat. Laser SKS's and M70's would be neat. Maybe helmets with the big, foliage covers on them as well.

  • @Sebastian Crooked Dice Figure range, 100% compatable with WA, and Ape heads. like all others are great.

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