Sneak Peek: What's Behind the Curtain?

  • @JTam Thanks Tam, for your answer,  l love the fluff of Games Workshop, finding it a great  scource of  rich fine material. Sadly too expensive in my opinion.  It`s a shame that a high price ruined  it for  a possible  grand  adventure.

  • @JTam Thanks Tam, for your prompt answer,  l love the fluff of GW, it can be a great  scource of  rich fine material. Sadly their models are too expensive in my opinion.  It`s a shame that a high price ruines it for  a possible  grand  adventure.

  • @JTam Thanks Tam, for your prompt answer,  l love the fluff of GW, it can be a great  scource of  rich fine material. Sadly their models are too expensive in my opinion.  It`s a shame that a high price ruines it for  a possible  grand  adventure.

  • @JTam Thanks Tam, for your prompt answer,  l love the fluff of GW, it can be a great  scource of  rich fine material. Sadly their models are too expensive in my opinion.  It`s a shame that a high price ruines it for  a possible  grand  adventure.

  • @Geoff Maybury That's a lot of thanks! 🙈 Never seen a duplication bug post so many posts!

    But I do share your sentiment. I love GW 40k setting but their stuff is expensive indeed. I kept on changing my mind whenever I would get miniatures/play their games. But sigh they alure is to strong. So occasionally I get some minatures for Inq28 and work on a inquistorial retinue, and as their opponents followers of Nurgle (which mostly will now these "traitor guard" from WGA) and Genestealers. 

    For rules I go Planet28 and I might use the genestealers for Necromunda as well. 

    For something narrative heavy I can accept... endure... the prices but for something army sized, nope. I do plan on a Grognard army vs these "traitor guard" sometime in the future, using Xenos Rampant. (Tho for army sized I do prefer 2mm to 10mm, but I need an excuse buy more WGA plastic). 

  • Okay I found the bug, it happend to me as well!

    After you post something, a pop up appears saying something about "Java undefined"?  and it looks like the post hasn't been posted... but it has! 

    (Browers: Vivaldi) 

  • @Berggeit Ive no idea how that "Mess" occured you should see my "PM"`s, I`ve given up, some times I get 12 or more sent. (As whats happened here, I`ve cancelled 1, but sorry guys its that long winded,  can you all live with the other 11.). My incoming"PM"s are worse, also half the time its not there. So with 50-50 axes it`s a waist ,most people say it to me on the main pages. The Eiesenkern, OH-Rahs, Harvesters, and the Shadowkesh when they arrive will be the prefect excuess to go out and enjoy WGA, never seen any items more suited for Xeno Rampant. Enjoy your gamming and good luck with finding discounted GW gems.



  • @Geoff Maybury @JTam Thank you very much!  I've been lurking off and on through the winter but there's so little time, and I sometimes get really tired of that internal voice that I get when writing and need some time away from it, if that makes sense.  Looks like Wargames Atlantic has been really busy lately, I'm pretty excited seeing what they've been up to, and where they're going!

    I have a feeling it won't be too hard to guess this week's preview - it sounds like it's been a well-anticipated set:

    And there's also the preview of a cool Roman gangs and mobs set which will surely be a kitbashing favorite:


  • @Yronimos Whateley Time my friend, Ah if only we had more of it , bain of my life at present, trying (in retirement remember)to find time for demanding pets. I`ve Dinky with me at the moment riveling the key board for attention.  We want to do all our jobs, see friends or meet here, all whilst juggleing other important items. Glad to have you back, if you can only look at times do, worlds still to short. Lifes deal us curve balls, either dodge them, or catch em.  just enjoy it all, whatever is thrown your way . Forums allways here we may not, exept in spirit. Cheers Geoff 

  • @William Ings 


    LOL.  True.

    Interestingly I believe you could complete some of the other options with the GW spare parts and WGA's WW1 German Infantry plastic bodies.  I've held both sprues side by side and I think it could work.  The WGA Germans are just a little undersized for the GW parts. 

    Sidenote: WGA using two scales is exasperating.  Just use the bigger scale.  WGA's WW1 plastics are "historical" scale why?  To kitbash with the non existent other company's WW1 plastics?  Far better to be the same scale as Death Fields.  

  • Sneak Peak for 28 APR 23:

    Plastic Traitor Guard?!

    Awesome.   If WGA pushes out Traitor/Beat-down Guard Infantry, Ogryns, and Rough Riders at about the same time they are going to have a huge hit.

    I'll make a prediction.  The Traitor/Scruffy Guard Infantry kit will be WGA's single most successful selling kit up until now.  


  • We've been seeing a lot of hints at this new Deathfields team. I wonder if these will be the full army the Fireside post was talking about? I was kind of hoping for Einherjar, Oohra, or Rebell Yell (loooong shot I know, but I love the sculpts), but I can see potential on these guys.

  • @Red Bee 

    What "Fireside" post?

  • @Red Bee 

    Ah, interesting read.  Thanks.


    Ain't this the truth.  The misconceptions bandied around about the Vox Populi makes my head hurt.

  • I appreciate that it was brought up that WGA was producing the Gangs of Rome kit and that the new Death Fields release is a colab and a big project. I was unaware of that and I am happy to know there was physical kits in progress. 

    For me, the implication of Vox Populi is that any kit that that does not generate interest will probably slip to the back of this pack of the in process kits. Considering I am only concerned about the Afghan Cavalry in my current projects, it's disappointing. I figure that kit would have been out last year since it was digitally previewed in 2020 with a sprue shown in 2021 but it was in sculpting hell on the old schedule.

  • I love that Wargames Atlantic has been very responsive to the polls and requests from their customers, even if some of the ideas are only ever realized as Digital options:  I really don't think they're getting the credit they deserve for the sheer number and variety of subjects they've sculpted since their humble beginnings just a couple short years ago - I'll venture to suggest this company might have produced the best variety of gaming miniatures out there in a few short years, and much of what they've produced has appeared over the last year or two, with a hints of a LOT more still in production that we haven't seen yet.  It's a shame to see some kits teased months or years ago still lingering in production limbo, but hard for me to complain, when I see everything else that has appeared instead:  it's not like this company has been dozing at the wheel this entire time, it's just that they've been working on so much, that some of our favorites are just waiting somewhere in the queues for the next steps in development. 

    For those who missed it, @JTam has a great companion thread here showcasesing some of the new Digital releases from just this month, and another here for last month's Digital releases - I'm pretty sure at least a few of the mystifying previews are accounted for in those! 

  • @Yronimos Whateley Here we go again, links don`t work for me???????????

  • That's really strange, Geoff!  I don't have any problems with the links, either logged into my account or logged out, on a PC using either Firefox, Chrome, or Edge.  There's nothing really weird about the URLs in them, unless the hyphens/dashes are breaking something.


    Do any of these four test links work?




  • @Yronimos Whateley These links doesnt work for me also....

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer @Yronimos Whateley 

    The links don't work for me either.  

    But I assume we are referring to the digital products monthly threads....  They are easy to find at least in the "Atlantic Digital" section of the forum.


  • Sneak Peak from Friday's email of 12 MAY 23:

    Hard to go wrong with round bases with a bit of texture and small rocks.

  • Hard to go wrong with round bases with a bit of texture and small rocks.

    Disagree. Only markers and fanatics go on round bases, and premade terrain can get in the way of attaching the mini in just the right place (though TBF, those pebbles are small enough to make it only an occasional issue).


    @Yronimos Whateley 

    Do any of these four test links work?

    The bottom two have sections duplicated and aren't valid URLs. All the others in your post from the 5th are missing the "xenforum" bit in the href, even though it is shown in some of the display strings.

  • By the sound of it, there might be a browser setting that is interfering with the links, maybe an over-protective security or privacy setting?  Just a guess.  (Those bottom two links absolutely have some of the HTML altered, removed, and replaced to try to point directly to the discussion pages, and I no doubt broke them in the alteration.)

  • Sneak Peak 19/20 MAY 23:

    Weapon option for the "battletoads":


  • Looks like last week's sneak peak of bases is part of the Damned project:

  • Friday Email sneak peak 26 MAY 23:

    I believe we are looking at Hound handlers.

  • Sneak Peak 2 JUN 23:

    I would guess potential Damned heavy/carapace Infantry.

  • More WiP than Sneak Peek - but damn, your sculpting skyrocketed recently! It's visible even in regard to JTam post from 2nd June - the current look of the heavy infantry is much better. I love various style of the beards and stylised, but not comical look! You hit my tastes just right. Hopefully fantasy dwarves will be size-compatible with einharjar?

  • I'm digging the dwarf heads; I'm hoping there will be bodies and weapons to go with them!  I like the simpler, more realistic helmets, but why are they pushed up so high on their heads?  The yelling guy (4th from the left) has his nose guard over his nose, but the others have their nose guards at their brows.  Will it stay that way?

  • @JTam I really like were the Damned Heavy Infantry ended at but I curious if these weapons from the preview are still options.

  • @Jason Kennedy There was one of the LMGs from peek visible on the newer previews.

  • @Benjamin Hayward 

    Good point on the helmets.

  • From the "Friday Update"... did someone say "Gebirgsjaeger"?

    Possibly my favourite WWII troops ever... much excited 😍

  • @Benjamin Hayward I see the helmets were pulled down properly :D


    The new one is curious. Proportions and hairy feet suggests halflings strongly, but the outfit doesn't scream "modern" too. Maybe some kind of townsfolk militia set? Or it's actually very classy modern/Death Fields branch? the small plates on the chest may suggest that.

  • @Drangir 

    Seemingly plastic.

    My first thought was WW1 Halflings.

    But after considering the thigh pockets I thought WW2 Halflings?

    And after seeing the belly plates?/armor?  I have to conclude they are Death Fields Halflings.  Which considering we already have Death Fields Squats and Ogryns isn't really a stretch.  If they are Death Fields Halflings let's hope they have lots and lots of sniper rifles.


  • @Drangir

    Pretty cool minis.  Has a Vietnam LRRP vibe to me.  Would fit nicely with the Jungle Fighters.

  • As soon as you see something that might be Not-40K, you can be sure it will turn out to be Not-40k... 


    Alright, this has to be a weird Chauchaut right? Weirdly, the stock is much more wood than a Chauchaut is I think though? What do we think, y'all?

  • Image


    They've also published new horses. A splinter from Damned Outriders that needed some changes?I think I like models more (that dynamic manes!) but they're probably close enough to the older set to be a nice addition.

  • @Nick Mayerson nah that's nothing close to a Chauchat but I can see why you'd think that. It's missing the protruding end of the buffer spring, the stock and handguard is wrong and it looks like they're holding the weapon just forward of the trigger guard, by what looks like another blue glove just on the edge of the picture. The character on the left has knee pads on. It's probably another not 40k scifi kit... 

  • @Nick Mayerson It's Quar.

  • Oh


    Conscripty, you say...


  • @Geoff Maybury Sadly you're right, GW's high prices aren't ideal to catch new "acolytes" to our hobby, if the'd this prices when I first start to buy them (late '80s), probabilly I wouldn't never bought any minis. If you think that the new Minka Lensk figure sell for € 32,50.... well, an Airfix starter set of the F35 is € 24.99, and you've also 6 paints, glue & 2 brushes.😞

  • Please stop drawing those ridiculous horse ears... It is time to rectify them, because almost no real horse has these sideways drooping ears.

    Horses use their ears to communicate their feelings (like semaphores), and they are an important criterion of intelligence and character for a rider.

    WGA horse heads has a major problem : they are ugly and not natural at all.

  • Looks like Imperial Conquests, maybe very rear line Great War.

  • Royal Navy cutlass bayonet, mid/end 19th century ?

  • Man, those Grognard horsies are looking fly!  I don't fart with cavalry in my games, but I can appreciate a great idea when I see it, and making your basic horse sprue modular like this is genius!  Especially when a simple head-swap, a bit of armor, and some extra little doo-dads winds up looking this good:

    Plus, that sci-fi cavalry saber is exactly what I've been looking for!  So far, the only kit I've seen with on is the Adeptus Mechanics Serberys Raiders, but no one is selling that particular bit separate (and if they were, it'd be $10-$15 on its own). 

    All in all, it's a great kit for cavalry players and kitbashers alike!

  • "when I said blow the doors off, I meant the building, not the planet, but that'll do."

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