any idea how long till the late roman army builder set?

  • Given that the late roman infantry in lorica hamata set talks up an upcoming army builder set, I find it odd that we've not really had much mention of when said set should be expected. As someone who would like to use the WA Romans in a mass battle ruleset (fantasy rather than historical but still), would be nice to know how long I might have to wait.

  • @Mithril2098 we wonr know how long it will take, its not even near done. you can see the most upto date status on it on the release schedule. currently in Fileprep.

  • Figuring out what's going to fit on the sprue and we went back and forth on how to do it a couple times. What we are going to do is have a separate shield sprue because those Dura-Europos shields are quite large! And that will save a lot of space on the main sprue. 

  • @Hudson Adams really nice to hear that, good choices make good products. As one of those that are waiting anxiously for the kit, ai can say I wanted it yesterday, but prefer to wait for a great kit to be done.

    Keep up the food work. 

  • Really looking forward to these, my Late Roman army is on hold until these get released 

    personally, I think it would have been better to have got these done before starting the Goths 

  • @Simon Boulton i've got a fantasy army inspired by the Palmyrine Empire i've put on hold due to mini assembly burnout.. mostly because the Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans i got cheap to be their heavy infantry core are so small and fiddly that i about drive myself nuts trying to glue them in the number if need. the WGA late romans not only look better but would fit better to the historical visual theme.

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