Fantasy Aztec Warband

  • I won a box of Aztecs, so am planning a fantasy warband. I have this model that I put on a terror bird/dinosaur which I think will be my leader. Does anyone know any other fantasy Aztecs (or close enough) or Aztec females that can be added?


  • Titan Forge might work for you. Mrs. GG and I saw their stall at Spiel in Essen a few months back. Great stuff. We are not always fans of 3d printed stuff but their in-house printed minis looked good to us.

  • Have you looked at Paymaster Games?  They have a lot of options in metal (boo!) and some great monsters in resin (yay!).  

    Shadows of Brimstone has a couple generic fantasy north/mesoamericans (very "Mayincatec") in their Jargano native and Jargano shaman hero boxes.  They are plastic and more 35mm than 28mm.  Their last Kickstarter will expand the range whenever it hits retail, as well as including Conquistador characters.

  • @Grumpy Gnome  The aztec girls look good. I actually was part of a kickstarter for this but dropped out. I may have to get some.

    @BS Kitbasher   The Paymaster games ones do look good. i think I will get the aztec general abd maybe the pregnant goddess. I like that SoB is plastic, but 35mm may be to large to work. 

  • Congrats!


    Or maybe:

    Where did you get the miniature on the terror bird?  It looks great.

    Also, doesn't Warlord have an entire Mythic Americas line going on now?  Maybe something useful there? 


  • I'll get a scale shot when I can.  I don't know when my Aztecs will arrive, so maybe with some other figures.

    @JTam the Warlord games miniatures have one fatal flaw: being Warlord Games miniatures.  They're pricier and less authentic than Paymaster, in my opinion.

  • @JTam Mythic Americas... I looked a month or so back. Nothing caught my eye but I will check them out again.  The mini is from barbaric splendor.  llama queen. 

  • @BS Kitbasher I kind of gave up on Warlord when they increased the minimum order to US and upped the shipping costs. I have a bunch of the ECS and Italian wars stuff... but havent purchased any more as a result.

  • @William Redford 

    Was totally unaware of that manufacturer.  Thanks!

    @BS Kitbasher  

    Is "less authentic" really a concern once we start mounting people on giant terror birds ;)

  • @JTam  Good point.  It just has that kinda-off putting vibe that Adrian Smith's artwork for Rising Sun gave off.  


    Just...something not quite right with, say, bug legs sticking out of Quetzalcoatl...and almost 50% more expensive than the awesome Paymaster version.

  • Well I don't know about any warband models beyond mythic Americas, but I do know Stonehouse Miniatures has some good terrain pieces for Mayans and Aztecs if you’re looking to make a themed table of it.

  • @William Redford Have you looked at the Axibalan Empire from the Shadow Sea game?  They used to be done by Antimatter Games, but now the line is carried or distributed by Dark Sword Miniatures. 

    Some examples:

  • @Forrest Wentworth thanks, I'll check those out. 

  • If you are looking for more fantasy terrain, Archon recently had a Kickstarter for plastic terrain that included the Kazumi range, a sort of mesoamerican fantasy design.  They also sell some fantasy/sci fi serpent men with mesoamerican flair.  I used some of their Kazumi bits to bling out these serpent men.

  • One more angle.

  • @Forrest Wentworth Are their miniatures all resin?   I like the priestess you posted, and the warrior on their site who appears to have a khopesh or scimitar-shaped macahuitl.

  • I don't think I can help much with the main questions, but if it helps:

    • Warhammer's lizard-people used to draw from this sort of "Mayincatec" sort of aesthetic, including the obsidian swords/clubs, totems, and the like.  I don't know if it survived whatever GW did to its product line a few years ago, since the last time I bought anything from them, but the lizard men I'd bought at the time were pretty good.
    • (as mentiond above) Archon Studios' Rampart sci-fi gaming terrain's 3rd Edition Kickstarter is still taking late pledges, and includes the "Kazumi Temple"/"Tribal" theme, which uses this sort of aesthetic - looks great for building ruin gaming terrain.
    • Some of the Reaper Bones dinosaur-people minis produced under the Bones IV Kickstarter use this sort of aesthetic - especially the pterodactyl-like "Dinosaur Druid Skywing" character; these are in a cartoonish style, but perhaps still useful.  (An entire expansion and a couple add-ons to that Kickstarter were built on a prehistoric "lost world" type theme, and included dinosuars, cave-people, scenic items, and the like which might or might not be somewhat adjacent to the style of fantasy you're working with here.)

  • @BS Kitbasher I honestly don't know.  I just remembered stumbling across them a little while ago.

  • Those are nice... but I dont have a 3D printer and the thought of one kind of scares me... :) Still I do like that these girls look like they could fight in a fantasy army or be part of a Brazilian Carnival parade... 

  • @William Redford 

    Very little difference between a Brazilian Carnival Parade and combat anyway. 

    They have some interesting Lizardmen prints as well.

    Also, the giant Axolotl is cool.  Period.

  • @William Redford 

    One of the Raging Hero models painted up:

  • Cute aztec cheerleaders


    Considering getting these girls. with the Aztec box a weapon swap shouldnt be too hard...


    Fantasy football team kickstarter

  • @William Redford 

    Oh Wow,

    Those are pretty legit.

    Makes me want to play Blood Bowl.

    But I think your right.  The poses of the minis are such that it should be relatively easy to fit WGA weapons.


  • @William Redford 

    If you need a good opposition force:

    Raging Heroes is selling physical miniatures of these now:

  • Venom sacs! Also, how are these poses ever gonna rank up...

  • Here's a nice one:

    Looks like a great fit with the WGA kit:


    Back banner would perhaps make her a champion.

    These are pricey but first rate miniatures.

    Pictures of some actual miniatures about 11 posts down:



  • The tempting bit about that line is the identical 54mm variants. Because there are other things that can be... enlarged. But they are in resin, and the only images I can find is renders which never really tell the whole story. Anybody got some experience with those?

    These are pricey but first rate miniatures.

    Yeah, really only a consideration for individual heroes or PCs. Looking at the knight with a flag (to be kitbashed into a pollaxe) for my cleric.

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