Spiders into Bugs

  • This was an experiment in making sci-fi bugs out of the spiders...

    Edit: Okay worked out how to get the pictures to work on here.

    Basic attack type

    Basically a mobile bomb

    Acid spitter

  • @John Wilson 

    Sounds like a cool project.

    Links aren't working for me though.

    Would it be possible to post the pictures here?  A lot of forum members don't have Facebook profiles and/or hate Facebook.  

  • Argh!  Da links is brokin'!

  • I'm on Facebook, but it's blocked at work. Other links, or direct picture dump would be appreciated from me as well.

  • Sorted out now, see above....


  • @John Wilson John you did the impossible, turned simple, into brilliant, very nice work mate. So easy, any one can copy and look great from one set.

  • @Geoff Maybury  Thanks, I kept as simple a possible. The most work goes into attaching the abdomen to the little spiders with a little filing.


  • Work is still blocking them, but not your problem. I'll have a look on my phone or at home on the PC later.


    Excellent work! I love using the faceplates to put a face on the rear part.

    That would also work as a Queen or Brain.


  • HA! Those are awesome!

  • That's great!

    I'd been saying for a while that the giant spiders ought to make great alien bugs, played straight with the sci-fi bits included in the kits, but I hadn't considered modifying the figures to make them look alien - and your modifications really do make these figures look alien, with remarkably few changes!

    Can't wait to see these painted....

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