Using the space nam guys as Necromunda Goliaths?

  • Body wise these work... Anyone know a good source of heads? Perhaps some spikey bits to add to them? Dont know how they compare size wise yet, but I think I may buy a set to make gang punks... 

  • I would think they'd be fine. They're clearly designed as proxy Catachans, so I expect they're scaled to suit 40K pretty much exactly.

  • @Mark Dewis I agree but... :) there are some scale variances in GW between 40K but also next to necromunda. While I am sure they will look fine either way, I am basically wondering if these will be new death core size, old catachan/old cadian size or even big Goliath size. if they are on the bigger size Goliaths are a go! :)

  • Likely to match with current 40K standard, I'd think.

    I'm considering head swapping in to make big guy aliens. The hyper-Rambo look leaves me pretty flat, but stick on a Gnoll head or a Reptile man one or something, and I think there's something I could use there.

    Every starship crew needs a Big Guy.

  • @Mark Dewis Hmm bugbear heads, lizard head... that would match the muscled frames. You have me intrigued sir! 

  • I think I might use them as Fallout style Super Mutants with a little bit of conversion work.

  • Not at all familiar with GW sizes, we had a few GW early "Cat"`s, but only to use the clubs gaming table. I really like GG`s idea those could work fine. Thats a result for me if they are over size.

  • @Grumpy Gnome I been suggesting that on the Facebook group since I saw the sprue teaser, due to the expected size difference and massive muscled arms.

    They could also of course be heavy gravity worlders to my other human types or humanoird aliens with a head swap.


  • @Mark Dewis I don't have any goliaths, but here's one next to Mk vi and primaris space marines I don’t have any goliaths, but here’s one next to a first born and primaris

  • @Kyle Johnson Thanks. So they're not as tall as I'd expected, just bulky guys.

    Might be best to get a test sprue rather than commit to a full box on that one for me.

  • @Kyle Johnson that looks pretty good. I've been eyeing space nam for awhile. From the box, they look really cool. Not so GW in design but reminded me of the first Predator movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

    @Mark Dewis I agree about obtaining a test sprue. These look like a good alternative to the GW Catachans. 

  • I plan on using these as Goliaths in Necromunda as I play the older rules rather than the new ones.  New gw necromunda miniatures are 32mm scale and would tower over these, especially the goliaths.

    They should however sit perfectly with the older Necromunda models which are what I use, so its great to have a whole new gang for a lower price and twice as many miniatures, and with all the fruit.....waiting, waiting, waiting for these.  Been on preorder for ages.

  • Still waiting waiting.....probably wont come till the new year by the looks of it.  Haven't left the US yet so add a month for shipping, another month for Oz Post and these should arrive around the beginning of February, four months after ordering them.

    I think in future I might wait till they are in stock before ordering. Then its only the one month for Oz post.  Oh well, still very much looking forward to doing these guys up for the hive, and adding a meathead gang to the mix.

  • Anvil Industry makes various heads' sets, they generally are heroic scale ,so don't think should be difficult find the right heads' type for these guys.

  • Sadly these are still on preorder after five months so I am beginnig to wonder if they will ever be released in Australia.  Each month the schedule says next month, then when that month expires roll over to the following month.  Add to this a very slow postal system and your looking at a six month wait.......very disappointing.

  • @Brendan Flynn Agree.  I asked Aetherworks at Cancon23 over the weekend for an update and they said that they last heard the shipment is stuck in Hawaii and could not give a timeframe.

    It is dissappointing for us folks 'downunder'.

    Anyway, at least the Spacenam is getting some great RnR in Hawaii before the hit the battle tabletop

  • I guess the bright side is that once the boxes are in stock here it's quick and cheap shipping.

    Aside from bulky aliens, I'm also looking to use them for superheroes. Captain Steroid etc.

  • Another Obscurities in Miniature review, this time Space Nam...

    .... he seems to like them more than GW Catachans.

  • @Kyle Johnson Thanks for the comparison pic. The scale looks right to me.


  • So another month and these have still not arrived in Oz.  I sent in a complaint email and received a sarcastic and snarky email from Hudson Adams abusing me for daring to complain about a five month delay.  The worst Customer Service I have ever seen so people beware.  They like to portray themselves as caring about what the customer thinks but Hudson as good as told me where to go showing their true feeling about their customers.  I will not be using WA again

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